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How Not To Message A Woman

At the moment I’m seeing two woman. The twenty-two year old I’ve slept with about seven times.

The twenty-eight year old I’ve slept with once. Last night we didn’t have sex, I wish we had, but I can’t force that shit, has to be real, not negotiated. 1,137 more words


Insults never hurt unless you let them.

A renowned Greek philosopher told one of his students that if he wanted to learn to be wise, he should give money to everyone who insulted him for a period of three years. 131 more words


I'm Thinking

I’m thinking that I really really really hate you. I’m thinking that I wish I always thought of you as an annoying prick. Sometimes I wish we never got close, as they only made those feelings surface, and make their presence known. 177 more words


Fun in the Sun

Today my husband and I took a much needed break and hung out in the sun at a boat ramp. I’m glad I took my umbrella with me because the sun would have burned me, even with sunscreen on. 133 more words


How Teaching Children Self Control Can Help Their Careers [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

According to this The Jazzy Report, it turns out teaching your children self control will not only help their kids in school, but the lesson will also follow them into their adult lives and careers! 136 more words

The DL Hughley Show


There are two men other than my husband whom I’ve been in love with…since before I knew my husband, actually. I don’t act on those feelings, just as I don’t draw blood on myself, abuse opiates, or hit my kids. But I think of them.

What God Has Taught Me!

This is my first real post! And it’s about not getting upset. When someone does something mean, you should never ever get mad at them for little reasons. 306 more words