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Act Your Age

As a child, a person will do foolish and immature things, but the older a person becomes, they should be doing wiser and mature things which should reflect in their lifestyle, speech, mental capacity, attitude, decisions, and choices. 36 more words


day 85

Apparently my self control isn’t what I thought it was. The cheater came over today, and while the sex was good I’m not sure why I said yes. 98 more words

I Cheated and It Wasn't Even Worth It

Have you ever cheated and then completely regretted it? You know, woken up the next day filled with an overwhelming feeling of guilt? Perhaps it didn’t even take that long for the shame to set it. 885 more words

Active Body

The small victories

On this side of the mountain where I have learnt to live, little seems to be happening here. No one wishes to be on your side except you are winning. 1,128 more words


The Professional Conquest

There are moments in life that determine whether you are a crier or a trier. I had one such moment today.

The plan was simple: input address into Google Maps, leave 30 minutes early for a 5 minute route and attend an interview at 1pm. 193 more words


Standing Strong and Secure . .

The daily challenge is to not lose yourself in the process of living your life. We are facing trying times, hardened hearts and even actions, deliberate and accidental, in which we might be pushed to our supposed limits. 281 more words


As the World Turns

Depending on where you are on the surface of the Earth, you are moving around 1,100 miles per hour.  This scientific fact is hard to swallow because our senses tell us a slightly different story.   290 more words