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My silence is mistaken for...

Lately, I have been in observation mode. From time to time this happens and my normal chatty self takes a back seat to the power of quiet. 435 more words

Letting Go

After carrying her ashes around for the past five and a half years, I finally decided to let go and spread my dog’s ashes in the place where she was the happiest. 166 more words

Self Care


I’ve noticed something lately, once again the distractions. The wayward soul. The wayward one.
I’m not listening to myself, not really. Sometimes it comes, the pain. 292 more words

Personal Growth


my stretch marks are lightning bolts.
my selfies are works of art.
my tummy is soft and adorable
and my hips were made to be straddled. 17 more words

love yourself right now as you are.

here is a v good thing i learned today after making a costly mistake and being tested in other subtle ways: loving yourself means UNCONDITIONALLY. it means loving your body as it is right now, not the ideal, not how it used to be: right now at your actual weight, actual cut, actual health. 213 more words


Activity Scheduling

Something I have been struggling with lately is time management. I’m finding it really difficult to fit in everything I need to get done, let alone anything I want to get done (you may notice a remarked absence of my posts lately). 579 more words