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Awesome Way to Start the Day!

Hello loves! I had the wonderful fortune of starting the day leading the Sunday REST Room call! It’s amazing how that kicks of such openness. I got to follow it up by facilitating a… 82 more words

Stress Management

I’m stressed. A lot. With finals this week, with my ankle. I’m just stressed. The kind of stressed where the old me would be cutting. 517 more words

Mental Health

Greenlake on a Sunday Morning

Kissed by trees, three miles
of runners, dogs, wheels and grief
embrace its waters.



Six hours on a massage table, the buzz of a tattoo machine and the bite of needles. Drags on cigarettes and the burn of alcohol rasp my voice. 315 more words

The Care and Feeding of the Vagina

The vagina is a lovely thing.

It can go from dry to wet and the flick of  tongue.

It can expand, welcoming cylinders of flesh or rubber or plastic or metal. 290 more words


I remember walking through the streets of Hay-on-Wye last October just before I was to return to America and hearing a sort of siren song through an alleyway. 1,788 more words

Dr. Sarah Lisanby on ECT | Psych Central

I worked with this amazing lady, peripherally, when I trained in ECT at Duke. She is articulate and is an amazing leader. I’m proud of her from woman-to-woman, psychiatrist to psychiatrist, person-to-person. 31 more words

Self Care