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Improving Online Mental Health Self-Help Culture

Online mental health self-help culture has its pros and cons-  most of these are also true of other medical conditions and disabilities- particularly ones that are less well-understood or acknowledged by mainstream health care professionals and institutions. 881 more words

Mental Health

Conquering the World and Depression at the Same Time

I have struggled with depression throughout the majority of my college career. When I was first diagnosed, the effects were so bad that I was almost derailed from a good life. 748 more words


Office Yoga: Part II

This is a follow-up to my previous post, “Office Yoga: Part I,” in which I gave options for stretching while still at your desk or in your office. 1,520 more words



Around Wednesday this week I realized I was exhausted, but I couldn’t figure out why. Then I remembered that my idea of a summer well spent is to immeadiately dive into language learning just one week after school ends, and then it made sense. 591 more words


On eating

My mother is a nutritionist. Which means that all my problems -be it fatigue, memory loss, backaches and joint pains, headaches, concentration issues, sleeping too much and still having purple hollows under my eyes, and wanting to kill myself- can be traced back to my diet. 681 more words

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Self Care: For Mental Health Counselors (and anyone else)

Hello, everyone,

My upcoming article for Counseling Today is now available online at:  http://ct.counseling.org/2015/05/self-care-in-the-world-of-empirically-supported-treatments/

the gist of it:  I propose that the mental health field’s focus on diagnosing and eliminating symptoms has contaminated self-care, and more and more people are making the mistake of treating symptoms of stress instead of taking truly good care of themselves so they can properly care for others. 32 more words

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Poem - voices in your head

Those voices in your head
that say “You’re no good,
– you aren’t doing enough,
– why even try?”

Don’t let them in.
They are door-to-door salesman… 47 more words