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Authenticity at Work and Home

There is something magical about the way young children are unapologetically them. They are not self conscious. They don’t try to cover up who they are. 599 more words


Becoming Rooted in Flight: Or, Why I Decided to Stay

India has two aspects –
in one she is the householder, in the other a wandering ascetic.

The former refuses to budge from the cosy nook, 859 more words


Just because you think it doesn't make it real

One of the main abilities of successful leaders is understanding themselves.   The only thing we can start to control is how we respond to situations and they know their habitual responses and are able to manage them.   109 more words


You Can Lead a Goat to Water...

The old saying “You can lead a goat to water, but you can’t make it drink”, came to mind yesterday as I was ruminating. 274 more words


In Which I Still Have a Lot to Work on

Inspired by this article on relationships:


For anyone who hasn’t read the article, I highly encourage you to do so. It’s really impacted how I look at relationships. 626 more words

Text Posts

a soft fall

there’s a place to fall into
and it’s just before your heart
it has a softness that rolls over my skin
and whispers, “ease”

it is a space where air breathes… 52 more words


The Sunday Night Powers Call 3/1/15

As we Break Through To Our Enlightenment we start to realize the reality that we are in charge of our lives, no one else is looking out for us.  53 more words