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Ketchup Sandwiches!

When I was a kid, I was an extremely picky eater.  For an extended period of time, the one food that I would make for myself was ketchup sandwiches.   231 more words

the four year scam

Recently I’ve been dealing with the fact that my life isn’t exactly where societal norms say I should be. This is nothing new — rather than graduating from a  four year university and settling into adult life, I’m a five time drop out (twice from the same university, even) with a full time job and a serious relationship that will almost certainly avoid legal marriage. 442 more words


‘Science’ Catches up with the Heart’s Intelligence*

‘Science’ Catches up with the Heart’s Intelligence*

By Steven Bancarz

We all know the difference between good vibes and bad vibes, but what is really happening at a scientific level when we talk about “vibes”? 851 more words


Monthly Affirmation ~ July


WHAT do you make a priority in your prayers?

When you pray . . .  you are having a conversation with your Spiritual Adviser. 

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Trust Your GUT

You know that bad feeling you have about someone?
There’s something that doesn’t make sense,  but  you just can’t seem to put your finger on it. 323 more words

The weirdest feeling came over me

I’ve been waiting for lightning to strike me and turn me into a super-medium-hero for quite a few years now. It doesn’t seem to be happening and sometimes the learning curve feels uncomfortably steep. 511 more words