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Men, Women and Children - Movie Review

CAUTION: Possible Spoilers!

A few nights ago I reserved this movie at Redbox and was very anxious to see it. I had seen the previews in the past few months and it really intrigued me. 366 more words

Adam Sandler

What Happens to Leadership When There's a Vacuum At the Top?

How many of us have found ourselves in an organization, program or department with a leadership vacuum? Likely more than a few. The reasons may be obvious: Your board or director is in a search because a position is open. 568 more words



One life, self expressed.

I am Alive; whole or as expressed.

My evolution takes me places.

Each new branch of life is similar to being a new. 888 more words

In Search Of Truth

Automata (2014) - A Review

One film I have had on my hard drive for quite some time is Automata. Starring Antonio Banderas, this film is a science fiction movie that draws influence from a number of films from the past, … 244 more words


Harnessing my energy

My adventure is a little more calm today. It’s a day of more personal research than a general subject research day.

Today I decided to feel my inner power. 61 more words


Chapter 2 Reflection Steven Vinzant

Separation of the physical life and the electronic life in cyberspace, where is the line that defines us.

Cyberspace is a mind blower, it is developing a life and lifestyle of its own, cyberspace was this make believe thing, a theory, an idea, complex concept, or a thingy-ma-whatever, and like when America took the transition from horse to the motor car in my grandparents’ lifetimes.  1,521 more words

Cognitive Surplus Reflections

20 Days Of Kindness

Day 19:

  1. Listen more than you speak today.
  2. Donate your old book to the public library.
  3. Tell someone how much they mean to you.
  4. Make a play date with a young member of your family(that you don’t spend much time with normally).
  5. 10 more words
Self Improvement