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The Walls Have Eyes

It’s like I’m constantly being watched, and it’s really fucking creepy. Every where I am, I can feel eyes all over me, and it makes me sick. 130 more words

Self Awareness

I’ve changed the content of this blog several times since it’s an ongoing issue for me. If you ever read my previous blog (My Gap Year Adventure… 518 more words

Interpreting our Dreams

By recalling and interpreting our dreams we become consciously aware of our subconscious. We are both conscious and ‘unconscious’ beings after all – we have the ability to act rationally, that is, take a moment to consider our automatic responses which stem from the subconscious and control how we act and react. 373 more words


January 27/15

Ah shit… Becoming self aware might not always be the best thing….  And this comic is blowing the lid off my process (and my laziness..) for these pages.   88 more words


Who are you?

Are you that guy who did those things?

Are you that kid who had that childhood?

Are you that person who is defined by your work or your family? 103 more words

For I Have Wings

Vulnerable and free,
I fly naked among the demons surrounding my life.
They slash at me and miss,
they hiss at me and I ignore them. 164 more words

Self Aware

The Simplest Tasks Done As Complicated As Possible: Point & Click Games

It takes a lot of stupid games to cement a game genre as “that one where logic is sporadic as British weather”, really it does. I honestly believe it overcomes the JRPG character tropes in a party, at least there is some self awareness at times to that cliché. 885 more words