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Devotion for Monday After Proper 14, Year B (ELCA Daily Lectionary)

Above:  Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath, by Bartholomeus Breenbergh

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Building Up Our Neighbors, Part IV

AUGUST 10, 2015

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Laundering right wing nationalism as left wing in Israel


You’ve got to hand it to parts of Israel’s nostalgic Labor Zionist Left. It has the best of both worlds. It can be critical of the Right while at the same time advocating right-wing policies. 2,236 more words

Is desegregation the answer to Muslim marriage woes?

Segregation is one of those topics people tend to get up in arms about, whether for or against. Some people prefer partitions. Some people won’t attend events with partitions. 930 more words


Segregationists never went away: We just call them “small-government conservatives” now


Black freedom & opportunity in America has always required the very federal intervention the right wants to destroy

The continuing decline of public sector jobs at local, state, and federal levels is having an abysmal economic impact on African Americans, for whom steady, stable government employment opportunities have provided a sure path into the middle class. 1,389 more words

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My Favorite Social Science and Education Books

Number 7: Urban Injustice: How Ghettos Happen, By David Hilfiker

As a physician Dr. Hilfiker spent 20 years of his life working with the urban poor, and in this text he explains how blacks and other minorities have been negatively affected by governmental initiatives including Urban Renewal and Interstate Highway programs. 812 more words

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CS2 upgrade - people on bikes voting with their wheels

This was the scene on Mile End Road outside the Royal London Hospital, heading into town at around 9.15 this morning.

I cycled through the gap.   184 more words

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