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Wanted: 2016 Chapbooks

While we have filled all our book-length publication slots for 2016, we are still searching for chapbook manuscripts. Next year we will be publishing one chapbook per month and will offer subscriptions, so it would be a great year to join the Folded family. 162 more words


Freedom In Me

There’s a difference between being a good person who considers themselves a Christian, and truly living a life for Jesus Christ. I learned this difference in college. 139 more words

Being Found

Is there limit to

what may be found when seeking

with an open heart?


When we’re present with

an open heart, there is no

limit to being found.


Rachel Millican: Seeking after God

Seek- an attempt or desire to obtain something. Sometimes we seek for things and sometimes we just want someone to seek after us.

Recently, I found out that my Social Security Number had been used without my knowledge.

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"Why do you meditate?"

Various times, when I’ve come back from retreat, or someone has been perusing the more hippy sections of my bookshelf, or they’ve simply had a thoughtful look on their faces, people have asked me: ‘Why do you meditate?’ 468 more words

Predominating Controversy

Seeking out toughness to combat contention

Circumscribe that what personifies itself as a companion

Observe as tranquillity paints my aura

Feelings of hesitation reside within… 48 more words


Reflection on St. Anselm

“For I do not seek to understand so that I may believe; but I believe so that I may understand.  For I believe this also, that ‘unless I believe, I shall not understand.” (Isaiah 7:9)  (The Proslogion by St.

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Prayer And Spirituality