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Sédation en fin de vie, l'opinion d'un réanimateur

Le Professeur Olivier Jonquet, chef du service de réanimation médicale au CHU de Montpellier, France.

End Of Life Issues

Ever had to sedate during CPR?

Ever had to sedate a patient during CPR? What would be your agent of choice? The Kiwis use ketamine #IPHEC2015 pic.twitter.com/OCv9dpEXtO

— erica ley (@ericaley66) May 20, 2015

Emergency Medicine And Critical Care

Dental Sedation Gilbert, AZ

The Different Types of Dental Sedation Gilbert, AZLaughing GasThe most common…



Pronuncation: nū’rō-lept-an’ăl-jē’zē-ă

Etymology: Gk, neuron + lepsis, seizure, a + algos, without pain

Neuroleptanalgesia is a form of analgesia achieved by concurrent administration of an analgesic and a neuroleptic (anti-psychotic agent). 69 more words

Neuro Words For Nerds

Day 36: I slept

Well, this is going to be a quick update because reader, I slept!

Checked in for my long awaited egg collection yesterday. I took the trigger shot exactly 36 hours before it was due to happen. 358 more words