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Swimming against the Flow

I wrote this for myself. It may not speak to you because it may not be where you are. We're all on our own journeys after all. 2,437 more words


Secular society’s obsession with categorization has made its way into academia. Academic disciplines are heavily regulated and painstakingly sorted into colleges with other like disciplines. Interdisciplinary work is highly regarded, though it is also thought to be a difficult and complex task. 303 more words


Multiculturalism is a cancer, our enemy is the savage cultures that exist domestically and come from other countries

There are, unfortunately, some cultures that cannot contribute to the progress of civilization.

We need to stop pretending otherwise. This open borders stuff is suicidal. We are getting everything we don’t want in this new wave of 3rd world immigration that started with the Teddy Kennedy immigration bill of the 70s and continued with Reagan amnesty in the 80s–we are getting the dregs from 3rd world countries with only a few exceptions. 951 more words


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It's simple if you believe in multiculturalism the what you end up with is the lowest common denominator, at best At worst you end up with Islam.

A Secularist World

Tensions of a religious nature are rife in today’s society, prompting questions about secularism and the potential impact that it could have on conflicts across the world. 469 more words


How to Bless a Nation

Ezekiel 2:1-5

The Scripture for today is sometimes known as “Ezekiel’s call.” God is summarizing what he would have the prophet do—go to a people who have forgotten God’s word and tell them, “Thus says the Lord God.” 1,041 more words

Luminary United Methodist Church

Silencing dissenting voices

[W]hen we look at the ways in which some in the contemporary secularizationist movement have silenced critics (or even those who don’t criticize but just offer a competing view), we see stark similarities with radical Islam’s blasphemy laws. 160 more words

Richard Dawkins