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Biggest Shock

The biggest shock I had when reading was revealed near the end and it was something I never would have guessed. When Jeremy Sloan admitted to never have killing anyone, I was extremely confused as to who had murdered Aunt Tess and Denton Abagnall. 38 more words

Section Three


Comparing my prediction to what actually ended up happening, I was pretty accurate with my hypothesis. The only thing I was not able to figure out and I was glad to have an explanation about was why and how Todd and Patricia Bigge ended up driving over the cliff and into a lake. 46 more words

Post Reading

Major prediction

Currently (up to chapter 40), there is a man who looks like Todd, but goes by a different name, living with his father who has the same first name as Cynthia’s father, as well as his mother. 235 more words

Section Three