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Another MBNA Success & Query Regarding Claims with Paul Tilley from Quality Solicitors Howlett Clarke 26 Jan 15

I was informed of another MBNA Success using Section 75.  This time one investor had paid £1000 deposit on an MBNA Credit Card and paid the rest by BACS payment.   176 more words


Sidney Rigdon - Section 75 On Above

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Rigdon, Sidney

1873 09 15

Section 75 On Above

In addition to what was written in the last great communication, He (the Lord) said to me that the great and grand first order of things organized after the creation of man was known and has been known ever since with the holy order whose transcript was in their dialect of heaven as the “Lambs book of life;” and when the Lambs book of life is mentioned or spoken of by any of the former revelators it is this of which they speak, when it is said that their names shall be blotted from the Lambs book of life it is the record of this high holy and first order of things that is spoken of.

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Church Historical Documents Corpus

Who wants to claim through Smart Financial Claims?

Another cold calling Claims company has been brought to our attention and the name of this company is Smart Financial Claims.

They present themselves as a Claims Company although we have been unable to find any Company Registration at the UK Companies House for a… 234 more words


Have you heard from Trafalgar Claims?

Trafalgar Claims is the latest cold calling Claims Company that has started their activity.

They cold call consumers who own a Discount Travel Club Membership, and it seems that… 217 more words


FCA updates x 2 and update to Credit Card Refund Area. 27 April 2014

A few things have been added today:

1.  Two updates from our FCA Liaison from 14 April and 24th April 2014 can be read in the… 78 more words

Asset Land Scam