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Mackney of Greece Solidarity denounces Morning Star

Well-respected Labour movement activist Paul Mackney, former general secretary of the UCU and currently secretary of the Greece Solidarity Campaign, has written this sharp letter to the… 172 more words

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LUBP ( Jawad Syed and KhurramZaki ) caught running @LUBPexposed and @Sunni4peace twitter accounts

LUBP’s hallmark is use of fake followers and fake likes on their twitter handles and pages.
They did same with their @LUBPexposed twitter handle.  Only 10 followers on their account are real and 106 purchased with money.  237 more words

Let Us Build Pakistan

Praying for Terrorists.


God has allowed us to pray for this kind of person, perhaps they are misguided to our way of thiking. The Apostle Paul was a former Jewish Zealot with his ownkind of ideology and he believed that he was doing the will of God. 51 more words

What is Bahrain Doing to Prevent a Terror Attack?

Following two attacks on Shia mosques in Saudi Arabia in earlier weeks, and the last attack in Kuwait two days ago, ISIS promises the next will be in Bahrain. 244 more words


Emphasis should be put on education to tackle sectarianism

John has questioned the usefulness of the Offensive Behaviour and Threatening Communications legislation introduced by the SNP, and called on the Scottish Government to give more support to projects that tackle sectarianism through education. 394 more words


LUBP’s Dr Jawad Syed a.k.a Abdulnishapuri Attacks on Raza Rumi – Shameful

August 13th, 2013 |

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

It has long been my policy to ignore altogether the blog that claims to be run by “critical PPP supporters” called “Let us build Pakistan”, though it really should be called “Let us Bomb Pakistan” because of the nature of its materials. 978 more words

Let Us Build Pakistan

My response to the allegations by Abdul Nishapuri

Abdul Nishapuri is a screen name of a person nobody knows. He claims to be the founder of a website called LUBP (Let Us Build Pakistan). 963 more words


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