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Beyond Skin examines the scars of racism and sectarianism

THE headline ‘Belfast is the race hate capital of Europe’ prompted Darren Ferguson to change xenophobic attitudes in his hometown.

A musician armed with a volunteering background in community aid & development experience, and working for Concern Worldwide, Ferguson was no stranger to taking the bull by the horns. 1,072 more words


Leithart, Wilson, and What is this "Church" Thing Anyway?

Yesterday, New Saint Andrews College played host to a little-advertised but intensely interesting informal debate between Peter Leithart and Doug Wilson on the topic “Ecumenism and the Marks of the Church.” Any time when you get to see these two erstwhile Muscovite co-belligerents square off is a treat, but this topic held particular interest for me. 3,581 more words


“Everywhere you see houses and churches on fire”

The year is 2015. It has now been exactly 100 years since the genocide took place. The perpetrators and most of the victims are gone. The Turks and Kurds of today are not the ones guilty of genocide but a process of reconciliation has not occurred.

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Another bombing targets Syria’s pluralism

Alex Ray


Lunchtime Sunday February 1: despite being the start of the working week, crowds throng the main entrance to Souk Hamidiyyeh in central Damascus. 1,380 more words

Jabhat Al Nusra

Media: A weapon to blow Arab societies هل تحول الاعلام الى سلاح تفجير المجتمعات العربية ؟

ماذا بعد ؟ | أسامة الدليل | هل تحول الاعلام الى سلاح تفجير المجتمعات العربية ؟ | المنار

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   

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War On Syria

Al Saud: Kingdom of Blood, Destruction and Fear

Translated by Sara Taha Moughnieh

Remembering the Wahhabi forces has always been associated with remembering the criminal practices of their ancestors since the political deal between Mohammad bin Saud and Mohammad bin Abdul Wahhab, which stated that the first must protect the ideology of the second in order for it to spread, while the second gives legitimacy to the rule of the first. 960 more words


Singin' I'm No A Billy He's A Tim returns to Glasgow

Aside from the Commonwealth Games and (debatably) the Scottish Referendum, Glasgow’s proudest modern accomplishment is surely the return of Des Dillon’s play, Singing I’m No a Billy, He’s A Tim… 865 more words