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Of Desires, Doubts and Demons

So many untold stories,
So little time,
Who will listen to the heart’s desires,
Will no one know mine?

Sit down a minute,
And share a word with me, 83 more words


Hope is Remarkable

“Love makes our friends a little dearer, joy makes our hearts a little lighter, faith makes our path a little clearer, hope make our life a little brighter, peace brings us all a little nearer.”- Unknown… 325 more words

struttin' that stuff

there’s a horse
that wanders
looks like he’s lost
but he’s exactly where he wants to be

tail whips around like wiper blade wax
though it’s still full of shit… 119 more words



(Pretty Boy is sprinkling spices

in a glass of warm wine

as he sings)


The Christmas wine is in the pot,

The Christmas coals are red. 542 more words


Beauty Undercover Part 19

Issac strolled into the bank like he owned it, everything in him cold and focused. He barely heard the men following him, taking positions out of sight from the lobby where Romeo was holding his twisted court. 1,509 more words


Written for all those who want to avoid food service employee spit in their food and drink.

It’s like a joke people casually make about people who work food service. “Be careful or the waiter is going to spit in your food!” Honestly, where I work, it’s a very uncommon thing to be caught spitting in a drink. 674 more words