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In Another Life

Dear Mom,

It was snowing when I got out of work today. And I had three text messages from you, reminding me to drive carefully, detailing what “careful” entailed, etc. 596 more words


Beauty Undercover Part 16

Soft lips and smooth skin that smelled like home held Issac close as he struggled awake. He’d been having the best dream about Grace where finally he explored and savoured her body. 1,348 more words


Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Admitting She Wrote a Novel

“What are you working on?”

For years the answers has remained the same for me.

“Just some homework.”

But I haven’t worked seriously on homework since sophomore year of high school. 584 more words

Behind TheMaddness

Everything is NOT okay

There are times when people have complete trust and faith in you.

There are times when people tell you how they feel. How they feel about the world around them. 211 more words

Daily Journal

Number 3

If you smile at someone, they will more often than not smile back.