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Log 2.06 - make up spaghetti

Over a day passed before Benny finally got her ass back home. 446 more words

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Log 2.05 - No more tingles

On the same day mom and I both got promoted. We are so amazing! This cause for a little party.

Benny were out jogging again. Guess I didn’t get through to her. 437 more words

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Guest Blog Post: 'Going Home' by Susanna Brazauskas

I am delighted to host a guest blog post by Susanna Brazauskas, a second generation Lithuanian, whose parents both came to Britain on the European Volunteer Worker Schemes in 1946-47, and who later re-emigrated to Canada after the labour restrictions were lifted in 1951. 1,484 more words

Log 2.04 - Sister complex

[Note: The next day all townies who didn’t have a place to live had vanished. That of course included Jaclyn and Collin. The sadness! Anyway, the show must go on. 653 more words

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Log 2.03 - Dirty plates has feelings too?

Mom finally got a room built for Benny while we were at school. Like my room, it’s not done yet. But at least it’s better than a small bed in a cramped, childish room. 549 more words

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Log 2.02 - Sparkles and diamonds

The more I think about it, the more this legacy stuff intrigue me. Like, I found myself tending to my fathers dragons. He was really proud of those flowers, would be a shame to see them just wither away. 715 more words

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Log 2.01 - ELOL's and nakedness

It was surprising, and disturbing, to get my fathers notes. He actually hated children. Did he hate us? I know I weren’t on the best terms with the man. 431 more words

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