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Stray Thoughts #12

I loved him. Loved. With “-ed”. It’s past tense. Please take note of that.

Is faded love possible to come back? Nah.

I don’t think so.


The Days of Shadows

I wish it would go away
The dark shadow that’s engulfed us
The ambivalence of right or wrong
This curse that has wounded us

Painful, shameful, and filthy… 75 more words

How Second Chance is Changing Lives

“We call them clients. We call them returning citizens. We call them former offenders. But they’re people. And just like all of us, they have their hopes, aspirations, dreams, and they want to be reconciled with their families. 432 more words


SPEAK OUT! Faces of Brain Injury Aaron Avila

Brain Injury is NOT Discriminating!


It can happen to anyone, anytime, . . . and anywhere.

The Brain Trauma Foundation states that there are 5.3 million people in the United States living with some form of brain injury. 499 more words

Traumatic Brain Injury

Starting Again

I am finished my fitness instructor course!!!!!!

Sorry for the radio silence lately, I have been so busy with exams and I wanted to give them 100%. 565 more words


Second chance

The day that I met him? it was priceless. He painted my black and white world with colours. He showed me that being in love once again isn’t a bad idea. 76 more words

Mission and Second Chances

What is the purpose or mission for your life? What is my own? It is interesting to see other people’s takes on this topic, because mine is limiting and freeing, at the exact same time. 710 more words

Personal Life