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Can Sheila Deliver & What Needs To Be done?

Jane Miller recently spoke to former Mayor, Sheila Dixon, and she seems very encouraged about her announced to run for mayor of Baltimore again. Dixon told Jane that 9 out of 10 folks, that she comes across in B’more gives her the thumbs up!!! 211 more words

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There is always a 2nd Chance.

You grow,
You shed,
You spread across,
And then you fade.
There is always a second chance,
Never fail to repeat.
You create,
You erase, 90 more words


Life can always surprise you

Life is weird. Life could be hard. But life could offer your second chance, too.

I was so touched by the following video. It made me cry. 41 more words


Chapter 15: South capital

Author’s note: Sorry if the chapter was late. My Internet provider has a problem since Monday, so I have difficulty while logging to WordPress and my mail. 1,848 more words


Side chapter 02: A talk under the moon

Author’s note: Lately I discovered Maple Story. So I begin to play it. The game was fun~ Currently at 12 (And will rest at it for a very long time =.= I’ll explain it in the next chapter) 588 more words


Chapter 14: Why did I accept this request?

 Author’s note: When I wrote this chapter, I don’t know why but I feel that I may be a little tough on them… I probably hate siscon and brocon in my inner self… 1,798 more words


Fancy words and organizational polish

None of us like a mess. Many of us object to getting dirty. Looking at people around us, we cannot help but notice that their lives and relationships are in a mess and the choices they make keep them there. 423 more words