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The Welcomed Sun

In another life on another sunny island, I can just imagine myself wilting under the slightest prolonged exposure to the sun’s glare, scrambling for cold drinks, air-conditioning and/or shade. 26 more words


Nature | Unfolding Seasons

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Have some fun!–

of the kind
that, in your dreams,
you have quite often done. . .

it should not hurt,
and sure,
will spare… 147 more words


Lazy weekend, beginning of Summer

Plans! I had so many plans.

Browsed “getaway” sites on Metro North and LIRR, budgeted and optimized best trip to Long Beach, to start the plage season. 84 more words


a poem on memorial day

(The Fantasia of a Fallen Gentleman on a Cold, Bitter Night)

Once, in finesse of fiddles found I ecstasy.
In a flash of gold heels on the hard pavement. 51 more words

Poems - Others'

On Seasons and Enlightenment



Spring. The season of letting go.

So begins the natural year.  Rebirth.  New life.  Last years’ leaves enrich this year soil.  Last year’s blossoms have become this year’s seeds.  2,012 more words