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So my daughter lost her retainer the other day. Less than a month after receiving it.

To be clear: Received retainer April 1. Lost retainer April 24. 419 more words


A Time To Change

“Jesus does for us what we cannot do for ourselves.”

Jesus came to earth, to do for us, what we couldn’t do for ourselves. We can never be good enough to reach God, so He came to us. 274 more words


Woman and Field

Mom, he says,
it’s been raining and sunny,
and do you think the morels
are up yet? We go walking in the field
where we’ve found them before, 133 more words

On Love and what's not around us

Tonight I will be a bit obscure. My heart is heavy, and when I can’t resolve something, I begin to draw from outside to clear up what’s within. 586 more words


ok so who am I?

What am I supposed to be doing? Why am I the way I am?

Identity is such a huge dilemma for me at the moment. 236 more words


Faster string matching in Python

The problem

I constantly find myself in a situation, like developing the Music Suggestions Ninja, where I need to have the user enter a string and find the best match for that string from a list of strings. 541 more words


Who is MagdogWatson?

As hard as it is to answer that question, this is what I have so far.

I am just a girl, not a very important girl, and I sometimes am never sure who I am. 244 more words