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Sorry for your loss, but no, I am not the one for you

I think this dating site letter was trying to play on my sympathies.  Well, I feel bad for you.  But no, I am not interested in dating someone who lives 700 miles away and who cannot speak English or use punctuation. 98 more words

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He wants me to talk to myself?

This dating site letter writer seems to want me to talk to myself.

“- I am excited if you’re the one to hear from you! 20 more words

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Looking for him?

This dating site letter writer is confused.  He apparently wants to speak to some guy – but he contacted me.  I wish him luck in finding whoever it is he wants to chat with. 15 more words

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The sun rises and she tickles my feathers,

I am the air.

The waves kiss the shore and carry me across the seas,

I am the water. 218 more words

Open Arms

A sweet sentiment and yet somehow so creepy for a first online dating email.

“I am here with open arms where you will some day finally arrive… right where you belong.  11 more words

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Dating as an investment?

This online dating email came from someone 26 years younger than me.  Aside from the total ewwww factor and the fact that he could be my son, I did find his reasoning quite entertaining. 77 more words

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Extremely Gorgeous

I received this fairly insincere, smarmy online dating email and decided to engage him, just to see if he was for real.  Turns out, he was what I thought – an overseas impostor who could not put a real sentence together. 115 more words

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