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Damsel in Distress

The writer of this online dating letter referred to me as a damsel.  Well his letter certainly caused me some distress.

“Hi Damsel

You have such a wonderful profile picture, Your charming smile captivated the whole of my soul i had no choice than seat back too say hello and wait if i will get a quick respond from you . 47 more words

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Not a full note, just a piece

I love this dating site email.  He could only spare me a piece of a note, not a full one.  Too funny.  I also love the “weekend gong on well with you.”  That is a new bit of fractured English I haven’t heard before. 153 more words

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How to Get Into a Woman's Heart

As a woman who has probably been on as many dates as Taylor Swift, I can tell you that confidence is key to getting a woman initially romantically interested. 282 more words


Everybody's working for the weekend

I am not really sure what he means, but this was definitely an entertaining way to complement me.  A new oddity for a online dating site email. 56 more words

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Another bloke from the UK

I am looking to share many charts with this lovely old soul.  Love the errors in this online dating website.

“I was so attracted when I came across your profile picture, I had know (sic) control towards the feeling I felt inside, my name is xxxxxxx am from Manchester UK,please contact me with this mail (xxxxxx) so that we can have a good chart (sic) thank you so much and God bless you.”

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Sorry for your loss, but no, I am not the one for you

I think this dating site letter was trying to play on my sympathies.  Well, I feel bad for you.  But no, I am not interested in dating someone who lives 700 miles away and who cannot speak English or use punctuation. 98 more words

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He wants me to talk to myself?

This dating site letter writer seems to want me to talk to myself.

“- I am excited if you’re the one to hear from you! 20 more words

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