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Seances (Late 19th century)

Spiritualism was all the rage during the late 19th century with many Victorians participating regularly in seances. It wasn’t just celebs — Mary Todd Lincoln often held seances at the White House during Abraham Lincoln’s presidency — but normal peasants who attended seances. 130 more words



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A young reporter named Tomasso publishes a convincing photo of an Italian medium, Alexandra Poverelli, levitating a table, and it causes such a stir that the scientist/psychiatrist Professor Camillo Lombardi comes all the way to Naples to investigate the claim. 291 more words

Book Reviews

To Say Nothing of the Dog (Recommended)

To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis.

Drolly satirizes historians, time-travel conundrums, mysteries, housepets, and ridiculous Victorians.

The Witch of Napoli by Michael Schmicker

Michael Schmicker’s The Witch of Napoli is an engrossing historical tale based in part on the life of Eusapia Palladino, a 19th century Italian Spiritualist and medium who toured Europe and was examined by numerous experts before being dismissed as a clever but fraudulent fake. 414 more words

Book Reviews

"Call me 'Eddy:'" A Seance with the Duke of Clarence: 1895

Today is the anniversary of the death of Prince Albert Victor Christian Edward, Duke of Clarence and Avondale. Let us commemorate the occasion with a curious story of “Prince Eddy’s” posthumous return by Florence Marryat: 1,799 more words

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Psychic Whispers

Author:  Cynthia A. Silk

When you have a reading something wonderful happens a connection is made with the afterlife.  Your angels or spirit family talk to you through a channeler also known as a medium in order to convey messages to you, your family or your friends. 423 more words


Post the Seventy-Ninth: In Which There Is A Seance

By the time we threw the Day and Night Regency Ball, Gentle Reader, the Fabulous Party Association had been going strong for three years. Most of our functions had been hosted at Hale’s Pass Lodge, in Arletta, owned by the Parks Department and rented to a preschool during the week. 689 more words