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Double the Fun

Photo 101 – Double & Rotation (assignment 19)

These are a few photos from a show at Sea World.  There were a lot of double jumps and double diving during the show.   61 more words

Photography Challenges

On the Edge

Photo 101 – Edge and Alignment (assignment 18)

Here are a few more photos from our Sea World trip.  I think they fit the theme fairly well. 83 more words

Photography Challenges

Documentary Blackfish left me feeling confused and angry

By Roxanne Daniels

Blackfish is a Gabriela Cowperthwaite film that won 13 awards and received 27 other award nominations.  The documentary based on the life of orca whale Tilikum, who was responsible for the death of three people, including trainer Dawn Brancheau. 477 more words

Killer Whale

Former SeaWorld Trainer Reveals Mistreatment of Killer Whales

Image Credit: Melissa Hargrove

SeaWorld’s reputation is about to sustain another blow with the publication on Tuesday of a scathing new book that alleges that the company is little more than a cultish, soulless, money-hungry corporation. 537 more words


Dear Diary, this was the best day of my life!

The Woman Who Feeds Me has risen in the ranks of my favorite people. Why?  She took me to Elmo’s House, known to others as “Sea World”.   435 more words

Lent Day 31-32: On vacation!

Yesterday was a picture taking frenzy!  We went to Sea World, which I have huge mixed emotions about .  I loved Sea World as a child, I was always fascinated with Dolphin and Killer Whales.   334 more words