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Three Trinkets to Add to your Workspace with Jazz Walrus

I find it interesting how people decorate their workspaces and desks. We spend a good portion of our weeks working, so adding some personal flair to the area you hang out in for eight or more hours a day is a comforting and fun way to bring more of your life into your occupation. 527 more words

Jazz Walrus

Preparation for a Masquerade

This month my partner and I attended a masquerade. In preparation for the ball we build our own masks.
My mask was a Black Swan with silver details and lots of black feathers. 58 more words


DIY Marbled Coasters

Okay so I followed the instructions on Earnest Home and I LOVE how they turned out. They were surprisingly difficult to work with (I think the sculpey I was using might have been a little old. 93 more words

How Suze Taylor Bead Designs Evolved

My first hands on involvement with jewelry came from simple repairs on my own pieces. That grew into fixing my own pearls. I read up about it on a craft book about wedding pieces. 393 more words


Unfinished Product

I’m starting to worry that the colors of my phone screen are off. I have no idea if this looks right, I desperately wish I had a better camera.