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Lil' Black Cats

Since I am on a 5 month road trip, doing traditional ceramic work isn’t really possible. In an attempt to find a substitute art form where I could use my hands, I turned to Sculpey polymer clay. 126 more words


Dangle Earrings

Keeping in mind that my camera picks up the tiniest mistakes makes up a bunch of painting mistakes as if they’re really there, here are my newest earrings!   62 more words


One of us, one of us....

“We accept her!”

We watched the 1932 cult film Freaks this morning. We’ve been meaning to for awhile now. It really was interesting, though obviously something that couldn’t really be done today (except I did notice that the latest season of  370 more words


Sculpey and stuff

Found some older pictures I meant to post a while back. This was all stuff my wife & I made to sell a festival last Fall at my kid’s school. 239 more words


The Venus of Continental Reserve

***Depending on how stodgy your place of employment is, this content is potentially not safe for work. It contains stylized representations of the nude female figure, and while it is not exactly rated-R, it might not be OK in certain situations. 356 more words


A Baby Trip to the Moon

This is a project by me, unofficially titled “Baby on the Moon.” It’s one of my favorites of the art that I’ve been making for Jazz Walrus, and it’s a neat assemblage piece made with vintage and found objects, Sculpey, and paint. 398 more words

Jazz Walrus

Painted Deer Skull

This is actually not something that will be available for sale, but a personal art project of Jazz Walrus that I’d like to share.

Our infected doe skull was the result of knowing a butcher up north with piles of bones he had no use for. 151 more words

Jazz Walrus