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Diving Deep in Japan

Our diving expert and tour leader of the new, ‘Diving Japan’ group tour, is pretty good at getting beneath the surface.  Chris Knox lived in Osaka for four years, teaching English and has since worked all over the world as a Dive Master. 441 more words


Hot Slug on Slug Action

Well, as hot as slug on slug action gets anyway.  Here are  a pair of Roboastra Gracilis nudibranchs doing a mating dance in Fiji.

And they weren’t just dancing.   49 more words


A World like No Other

It’s one thing to watch the blue world on a screen but it’s nothing compared to the feeling we have when we go under. I realised this fact last weekend when I went scuba diving with my friends. 429 more words

Under the sea...

It was seeing people return alive from their dives (our paranoia might have been a bit extreme) during our day snorkeling trip that convinced us to give scuba diving a go. 409 more words

5 Things to consider before getting a diving license

Thinking of getting a diving license yourself?
Last week I posted up about my experience in getting a diving license. What I didn’t write was how I had a chance to chat with the more experience divers about their experience in teaching potential divers. 810 more words



We’ll get back to all that crazy color a little later.

But for now, here’s an up close and personal encounter with a little hawkfish… 112 more words


tips for traveling in the philippines

Our time in the Philippines was not very long, but it was nothing short of amazing. I learned a few things during our travels that I wish I’d known before, so definitely wanted to pass those tips along. 534 more words