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Scuba diving has gained so much popularity through the years. With all the ads in the media today, who else isn’t in the dive loop? But when people go diving, they have to be in their proper gear, they have to have the equipments, the facilities and instruments needed for that long cool dive. 9 more words


Want to scuba as your job? Check out this opportunity at Royal Caribbean. It looks like you would also have to be willing to do sales (womp womp) but you would get to scuba (yay)!


Scuba Diving 101

Scuba diving is swimming underwater using SCUBASelf Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Using a cylinder of compressed gas to breathe (usually air, but sometimes other gases), scuba divers can stay underwater much longer than would be possible by just holding their breath – for hours or even days! 521 more words

Top 10 best diving sites in the World



 1. SS Yongala Wreck

The SS Yongala Wreck might just be THE Best Wreck dive in the World! This 110m long steamer called the Yongala was sunk in 1911 near Townsville during a cyclone. 664 more words


Scuba Diving in Zero Visibility

We have all been on airplanes flying in the night, through cloudy skies, with not even the stars visibile outside. The way pilots put their faith in their instruments and experience, is in a way the same, when we put our faith in them. 748 more words


INTERVIEW: Scuba (Paul Rose)

Originally published in BeatRoute Magazine.

“At the time, I just wanted to do something different,” says Paul Rose—aka Scuba—explaining his move away from dark UK bass music and toward techno and house. 847 more words