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Discerning A Very Different Jesus

Baptists believe that the Bible is a perfect, holy treasure of divine revelation directly from God to mankind and that Jesus is the focus of this revelation. 1,175 more words


Will the Real Jesus Please Stand up?

In a recent post (“I believe in One God”), I reflected on the “tightrope walk of faith” and the depth and nature of our faith in God—what we really mean when we say profess the first article of faith in the Creed: “I believe in One God, the Father almighty, Creator of heaven and earth.” In the conclusion of that post, I included these ominous words from of Jesus: “On that day, many will say to me ‘Lord, Lord…and then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you, depart from me, you evildoers.” (Matthew 7:22-23) It’s clear from Jesus’ own words that this “tightrope walk of faith” is serious business. 1,878 more words


God's Sovereignty and Human Responsibility

Calvinism or Arminianism?

Predestination or free will?

Does God predetermine everything in our lives or does man have a choice?

One of the most dividing issues in the church today is the debate over Calvinism or Arminianism. 1,868 more words


Winning The Battle Over Self

Phillipians 3 12-14

” It is not that I have already taken hold of it or have already attained perfect maturity,* but I continue my pursuit in hope that I may possess it, since I have indeed been taken possession of by Christ . 755 more words


Why Presbyterians Should Observe Lent (Part 2)

Pastor Doug Wilson recently offered four “Presbyterian caveats” in support of not observing Lent.  But, given the large and growing number of Reformed, Presbyterian, and other Protestant and evangelical Christians who now observe Lent, such caveats warrant more consideration – questions, if you will, rather than statements.  1,596 more words

Church Life

"Give Thanks To The God In Heaven" - Psalm 136:26

“In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18 (NASB)
“What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?” — Unknown


Is the dress white and gold, or ... (shining a new light on how we see things)

If you’ve been connected in any way to social media since Thursday night, you’ve undoubtedly come across this ridiculous question. I have the answer for you. 1,968 more words