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Rebuild All Indexes Across All Databases And All Tables

Here’s some SQL logic I wrote up to rebuild ALL the indexes across ALL tables. Later I may include some extra code to identify those indexes that are fragmented above 70% to be REBUILD, and those indexes that are below 70% to be REORGANIZE. 368 more words

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30+ Script Pages Written Yesterday!

I’ve been working on writing some short films recently and yesterday I wrote over thirty pages! I can’t tell you what they’re about yet, but I can tell you one is about an eight grade dance and the other involves old people and guns. 44 more words

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The Middle

Act 2 sucks so much. It’s this big double act where a bunch of stuff happens that leads up to the end. Act 1 is simple. 220 more words


Behold the power of regular expressions...

Ever wonder how often various words occur in the King James Bible?

I did.  I also wondered how quickly I could come up with a list. 215 more words


A Short Skit for Fans of Entourage and Nelly

Ext. Hollywood- Daytime.

E walks down the street head buried into his phone.  Turning the corner, he physically bumps into superstar rapper Nelly.  Nelly has his trademark band-aid on his face. 24 more words


The cure for writer's block is here! 

The cure for writer’s block is here in the form of the Writer Emergency Pack: A deck of cards designed to give writers a leg-up when they’re feeling a little left behind. 171 more words


Hello internetwork

Since years I was using tools for easy tasks like ping, traceroute, domain lookup using shell and I realized, that this is not as flexible as I wish. 322 more words