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First and Final Frames

While I was grabbing that John August/Scriptnotes link the other day, I noticed he had posted a montage video link to Jacob Swinney’s Vimeo post, analyzing first and last frames of films.   20 more words

Alex Buono - SNL40 App

Almost 2 years ago I paid to attend a traveling workshop, The Art of Visual Storytelling with Alex Buono.  Alex is the D.P. for the Saturday Night Live Film Unit, in addition to a lot of other work he does for television and film projects. 537 more words

You Have the Rights to Remain Sony. Any webs you do sling may be written down and used in MCU.

If you’re interested in how stories are told or how movies are made then you should really be listening to the Scriptnotes podcast. It never fails to be interesting, and in February talked over some interesting things about film rights in relation to several comic book movies. 536 more words


"You Aren’t Special"

Screenwriting pep talk for the day:

Here’s the real cautionary tale; We all think we’re special. Every screenwriter I know thinks they’re better than all the screenwriters. 354 more words


The Podcasts: Scriptnotes, Nerdist, SYS, Now Playing, Man Cave Movie Review, F! This Movie, and More!

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The Podcasts: Scriptnotes, The Nerdist Writer's Panel, Selling Your Screenplay, Now Playing, Man Cave Movie Review, and More!

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