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How to make automated backup using PAX and Crontab

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If you found the last posting interesting, then I am sure you will like this one also.
We made a script that makes use of PAX, a commandline tool, for making backup of our projects. 381 more words


How to use PAX for making backup

TAGS: Script, PAX, Shell, Linux

I will now like to tell you about PAX. I found in PAX a super commandline program for making backups. It takes a blink of the eye. 465 more words


Until I Forget To Breathe

Powder spread out everywhere

So every move we make

Is imprinted

Into the earth


I sit alone at a table

Scrambling words

Into some form of meaning. 57 more words


"Soldiers of Fortune" - Final Logline

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Greetings, Movie Buffs!

The other day I mentioned how a formula from a contact helped me put a logline into working order. With that out of the way, I can move forward with the project. 477 more words


Just because something is discounted doesn't mean you have to have it

Just because something is discounted doesn’t mean you have to have it

by Luke Morris


Note to Readers:

This is a stage play. As such it is intended to be preformed. 1,891 more words


The name's Piphany. E. Piphany

Progress on the first draft of the low-budget comedy spec has been slow but steady; averaging about 2-3 pages a day. It’s a smart move to accept the fact that the first draft of anything you write is going to suck, because it always does. 423 more words