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In a World

To exist in a diverse world is to live in paradoxes.

In a world painted with infinite colours, there are still eyes that only see black and white. 82 more words


A Return to Love

The United States has made one of the biggest leaps in mankind last Friday, June 26, since the Apollo 11 moon landing.

The U.S. Supreme Court voted on the the legalization of same-sex marriage in all 50 states. 474 more words


Review: The Tsarnaev Brothers

Confusion Now Hath Made His Masterpiece

The Tsarnaev Brothers: The Road to a Modern Tragedy by Masha Gessen (Scribe)

Hell is a city much like London, wrote Percy Shelley as he left the choking metropolis for the romantic and revitalizing airs of the Continent. 3,312 more words

What this site is all about.

Hello there. My name is Merriell Moyer and I am The Pop Culture Scribe. Now, first off, an argument could be made that anyone who writes about pop culture is a pop culture scribe. 397 more words


Hypocrites! Who are they?

So I ended my Vanities series and I realized I had never got to the point of Hypocrites.  For this part I attached a three minute video .   867 more words


Let's reform Technical Terminology by taking a Look at Natural Science

To give an idea of how the job market has changed, here is a random sample list of terminology/software products I had to reference for spelling and context in my last transcription job: 838 more words

Religious hypocrites discredited.

Then Jesus said to the crowds and his disciples “The Jewish leaders and the Pharisees have the authority of Moses. Therefore, follow their rules and do what they say to do. 971 more words

Condensed Gospel