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How to Write a Better Scribe

Like many companies, Dropbox uses scribe to aggregate log data into our analytics pipeline. After a recent scribe pipeline outage, we decided to rewrite scribe with the goals of reducing operational overhead, reducing data loss, and adding enhancements that are missing from the original scribe. 1,734 more words


Vocab time with the DR.

My goal this summer is to become more articulate. With this goal in mind, I’ve noticed that the doctor that I scribe for is very articulate and an overall great communicator. 241 more words


But First, Facts about Myself.

Hello future doctors!

My name is Keyana Vyas and I am a Junior at the University of Florida who is about to graduate in a few months with a degree in Bachelors of Science, Biology on the pre-med track. 464 more words


Kataylst - When Music Meets Art On A Tee

Katalyst’s new music and art amalgamated limited edition T shirts are rad! Not because of the people involved in this collaboration, but mostly because of the result. 27 more words


Sustainability Projects Fund

Here is a video with bespoke illustrations made for a PHD students thesis project at Mcgill University. Animated in Sparkol VideoScribe.


Why Medicine?

Ok, I have answered this question about 100 times in interviews, essays, and questionnaires. But it I thought I’d share with everyone on the inter-webz what initially inspired me to study medicine, and my journey so far. 1,379 more words

About Me

Thursday, April 30, 2015 - Alicia R.

Game Plan:

  • SSR
  • Build a Better School

In english class today, we did our our routinely 20 minutes of SSR, and gave Mrs. Edwards our page numbers. 138 more words