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Francine @ 11 months!:)

        Yes! She’s 11 months old today. Wow! She has really grown–has many developmental milestones. I’m impressed with what she can do now, especially how she imitates words verbally, which she started doing even months ago. 132 more words


Jump Over the Trash Can, Not Into It

There is this cat. My cat. And his name is Percy. He is delightful, sweet, and rather “dog-like” in his affections with humans– unless he does not want love, and then comes out that catty nature of “no thanks don’t touch me please leave me alone thank you very much.” But, he is an idiot– a well-meaning, extremely curious idiot. 423 more words


Modest noodlings…

Did you feel it?
Did you witness it?

Last night.
Around 8:00PM.
Or thereabouts.
I felt it…
Kinda like a hiccup.
Or maybe just a tiny bit of gastric inconsistency. 988 more words


to my husband

Yesterday we skipped town, stealing a day away from work and home to return to a place of Us. Holding hands and dreaming big we stepped outside the present moment to look beyond the worries that cloud our perspective to a time past and the days to come. 160 more words


An Update

So I did say that I would post regularly. Look how well that turned out.

However, a few things have happened since I last posted. I’ll give you the brief rundown: 89 more words