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Of boredom, ponies and tattoos

I get bored a lot. Most of the time it’s a bad thing, but sometimes it leads to me doing… things. Drawing-type things. Like this: 313 more words


Life is Beautiful- A Thought

How often we complain, even as the rays of the sun touch our skin.
It’s quite sad really.
We put our heads down and plow through life as though it were a task to be completed instead of a journey to be enjoyed. 105 more words


Deaf Eyes and Blind Ears

I wonder if anyone of us have ever noticed, now a days we don’t talk anymore. How can I say that. isn’t it the first question from your side? 1,657 more words

Abhishek Chandel

An old underground pipe burst.

We should ask for compensation for the tiles at our porch. But they worked all day and all night. From noon, non-stop. 179 more words


#82225032014 (I Didn't Write About You.)

“Love with every stranger / The stranger the better
Would things be easier if there was a right way / Honey, there is no right way.”

437 more words

Insomnist Journals 16-18


I drew in the morning, something like a  robot, and then scribbles.   Suffocating the  page with my drawings, I lay the pencil down and  tape it. 1,743 more words