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alas, poor max, i knew her

Hmm. So Geoff Latulippe just said

“Ugh, Max.

“Your reputation is well known to those in the film business. As a cautionary tale. I needn’t document it here, but suffice to say I can’t imagine a legit industry professional would vouch for you at this point.”

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My Spiritual Writing Cleanse Day 13: Rewriting Pages 45-60

Weird day.  A lot happened and didn’t happen which is why I didn’t write until 6pm. It didn’t take much re-writing pages 45-60. The initial script isn’t bad.  136 more words


Adventures in Screenwriting

I’ve started writing movie scripts. My first one is basically complete, and currently undergoing edits. I’m in that special “gratification” phase between “I’ll never finish” and “everything I wrote is crap and I don’t know why I’m doing this”. 157 more words


Tell the Story to Change Who You Are

This video speaks for itself, so I will only introduce it to say that I had the honor of filming and interviewing Donald Davis years ago for a documentary called THE CENTER OF STORY.  50 more words

The Craft Of Writing

It all begins in the mushy pink thing called your brain...

(My brain after a few too many jagerbombs)

Ideas… where do people get them from?

A lot of the time we see great TV, film or writing our mind is boggled at the complex layering of the story, which normally accumulates in people exclaiming: 394 more words


A New Hope

‘Well it’s been decided.

This is finally the project i go through with.

I’ve spent enough time messing around and toying with ideas, this time it’s personal…’ 62 more words