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Mad Men, Letterman, Rupert Gee and Me...

I stopped watching David Letterman’s Late Show regularly a long time ago when he seemed to be falling back on stale bits and spending most of the show on digressive grumblings that went nowhere. 1,223 more words



I really liked the opening monologue delivered by Nicolas Cage- what a way to hook you in. The next scene prompted me to wonder- who or which movie was the first to use a time lapse of the Earth from billions of years ago to the modern day, in their movie? 334 more words


The name's Piphany. E. Piphany

Progress on the first draft of the low-budget comedy spec has been slow but steady; averaging about 2-3 pages a day. It’s a smart move to accept the fact that the first draft of anything you write is going to suck, because it always does. 423 more words


Writing Like Alfred Hitchcock by Tony Lee Moral

Alfred Hitchcock famously said that the three most vital elements of a film are ‘the script, the script, the script.’ He worked closely with his writers to construct the film, from the very beginning, on paper. 768 more words


Character Building - The Tier Method

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Greetings, Movie Buffs!

So one thing has finally happened for me: A few months back, I sent out a small mass email to a few contacts to get feedback on a project I’m working on. 1,143 more words


Process (Part 2)

This is part 2 of a document that lays out my process for writing a feature screenplay. Last time, I covered loglines, ideal files, beat sheets, and note cards. 972 more words