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Screenplay concepts

We may like to fondly imagine that the good films we see are made by creative artistic types who just want to share their dreams and visions with us, and would even do it only for the love of it. 953 more words


An impression most memorable

I had the good fortune to connect with another local writer a few weeks ago. We met for a casual chat over drinks and discussed the usual stuff: our writing backgrounds and experiences, what we like to write, and so on. 315 more words


Storywriting - Ideas

I decided today to walk outside, and not come inside again until I would come up with a good idea for a story. I was inspired by my favourite youtube channel, DSLRguide. 325 more words

Creative Minds

Earning Your Audience

Why should anyone read your story?

It’s a simple question, and one that many writers hesitate to answer. There’s an old saying, “Write for yourself.” That’s all well and good… if the only person that will ever read your work is you. 835 more words



Emmy squinted through her thick outlined eyes across the courtyard. As she sat on the wooden bench, legs swinging, she reached for her packed lunch. She bit into the roast beef, tomato and pickled cucumber sandwich that although she detested, her mother continued to make for her. 432 more words




For audience members to care about the movie being presented to them there must be an EMOTIONAL CONNECTION between them and the protagonist.   247 more words


Screenwriting And Old Television Shows

I do not watch television much.  Here in France I would need a satellite dish and receiver to receive the signals for TV5, the French station or have a subscription to a set of UK channels.   1,205 more words