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the moths and atheists are doubly divine and dying...

Now it’s screen in screen it’s always been screen in screen and so you see four squares in each corner of the television set like now you’re watching five channels Mary Jane in the middle at the DMV and four preachers at the podium on stage some with a choir behind them some holding a bible some with a minister of the cloth to wipe the sweat from their brow and almost like Hollywood Squares you want to see their box light up the audio of their sound the only thing you hear over Mary Jane yelling at her smartphone in the line at the DMV other patrons watching amused some of them for they’ve felt the same way we all go to the zoo we just don’t stay but you listen to each square like they want something and not just your money that’s apparent in everything something else but it does help that their gross income is tallied in a banner beneath their box and the squares light up counter-clockwise from richer to poor as if that said enough when we ask a question we already know the answer to the question we’re really asking to see how another responds but Carter and Electra are just stick figures now the room isn’t even in color the only colors come from the box and the boxes inside the box and how good it is that we have faith healers and marriage counselors and one preacher says it could be just one or it could be them all: … 190 more words

A Work In Progress

Top Ten Tips for Writing Memorable Minor Characters

Click to tweet this article to our friends and followers! Film industry folks are always looking for compelling and attention-grabbing protagonists and antagonists in a well-crafted screenplay. 8 more words


Do the "write" thing


I am publishing a post after six months. I have been busy writing my script’s fourth draft. All this time, while struggling to concentrate, focus and ‘write’, I realized that the solution to all the problems that we, screenwriters face while writing is – … 183 more words


Trending N'at: Top Gun 2 is Happening, Tom Cruise May Return

2015 has been the Year of the Sequel and it isn’t over yet. Top Gun 2 has been announced and it is rumored Tom Cruise may return and reprise his role of Maverick, the smooth and sexy fighter plane pilot. 292 more words


well I got a job and tried to put my money away but I got debts that no honest man can pay...

And what really is live television if not but a look into the past it’s a question in Carter’s head almost like you see a balloon above his head text for a cartoon a comic strip and that’s what they become Carter and Electra they become like stick figures the furniture the enclosed patio turn into pencil drawings only the TV remains real made of glass and plastic the inside projecting to the outside but there’s always a slight delay even for light even for edited recordings reruns so this could have happened today just now but it’s never quite just now it’s always a little later if not yesterday last weekend and you already got the feel that this is Mother’s Day by the white rose he brought her sitting on the patio table and if you look ahead without repeating yourself the cat was dead but now it’s come back a memory just before looking and that’s what you see first in the only thing that’s still real you see the cat on the TV screen and it’s alive but you really don’t know if it’s alive now and how quickly can you look away and then look again and you see the cat but you hear a dog howling like it’s trying to bay something up a tree and then the screen turns into the DMV the date on the roll-top calendar at the end of each line where civil servants stand behind computers is a little different it’s ahead of Mother’s Day but still a little behind from now and you see her standing in line with her number you see Carter’s ex-wife Mary Jane Smiley and she’s screaming at her smartphone. 51 more words

A Work In Progress

A Contemporary African Screenplay by Nana Boateng

This blog features my first screenplay after completing a course on filmmaking. The story, told in a Ghanaian setting, is about a typical day in the life of a woman who has to balance her personal life as a single mother of two and her demanding professional life advising her government on economic policy issues. 873 more words