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Screenwriting: Is age discrimination an actual thing?

In my last blog (Why the film world doesn’t owe you a living) I made the point that as a 56 year old male, the chances of my ‘breaking through’ are hindered by the fact that I’m usually old enough to be the father of the person holding my future in their hands. 318 more words



Whilst working on my 162MC at university has been an interesting eye opener into the world of a screenwriter, the lectures themselves were not designed to give you that gift of being a writer but rather train you to channel that skill in a useful manner. 138 more words


Day 22. Laziness

In the morning I decided to “just check something on my Facebook page” and then start writing. That was a huge mistake. 224 more words


Linda Aronson and Tandem Narratives

So far, my Adaptation project has been a bit of a struggle. I’ve chosen to adapt Alexander McCall Smith’s 44 Scotland Street into a feature film, which has meant a lot of jumping through hoops to try to make the source material fit the idea of having one central protagonist; a difficult feat considering the novel often reads like a middle-class soap. 469 more words


Day 21. Mixed feelings

Remember my concerns about the second half of the screenplay? As always, I was exaggerating. My feelings are misleading sometimes. 170 more words