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A Lowsec Gatecamp

Last night’s recce mission provided some amusement as I encountered a gate camp at the Nourvukaiken gate in the Tama system. There were about 8-10 pirates on grid, three of whom were in armor and shield repair craft providing logistics support to the fleet of frigs, TIII destroyers and cruisers on deck handing out beatings to anything Caldari / Amarr approaching the gate. 386 more words

Eve Online

Gameweek 33 Preview

Yannick on the Streets of Sunderland

The majority of punters around Aintree and the rest of the world would have had Many Clouds to thank for their happiness last weekend but it was the unlikely source of Yannick Bolasie that sent 3.8% of FF managers into a frenzy. 546 more words



I wanted to play around with my 50mm lens, so I took some photos of my friend Sarah at dusk. If you want to see more photos of her you can follow her instagram… 21 more words


I may stay on as a teacher... for scouts

I recently brought my students to a scouts camp over the weekend. It’s one of those camps where scouts learn new skills and take tests to earn a badge. 823 more words

Life As A Teacher

A frig focus it is then

The essential skills queue is slowly trickling down at the moment, and it looks like I will be focusing my efforts on frigates. I have my recon frig pretty well sorted by now, and with my implants, fit and rigs, can throw down scans pretty well. 233 more words

Eve Online

France Mission

My first “Mission” (work trip) for the WSB was only 6 days after starting my new position.

The first hurdle that we had to face was almost missing our connection in Dubai.   624 more words


Hello Monday | Hej Måndag

It’s been pouring down most of the day. But despite gloomy, I took a power walk as planned. Crazy, huh! Drenched but briskly I conquered the Slayer’s Hill. 332 more words