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From Seed to Industry Leader

Every entrepreneur has the dream to take his firm from the “garage” start-up to be the industry leader.

The excitement of seeing your “baby” grow also has rewards beyond just money. 991 more words

Scott Wolf

'Perception' Series finale didn't even try to win back fans

TNT’s “Perception” said goodbye Tuesday, March 17 and fans seemed to be less than thrilled about the way the show ended. After three seasons of the series following Doctor Daniel Pierce (Eric McCormack) as he helped his former student F.B.I. 326 more words

It takes a village to raise a child

This is an ancient proverb that is still true today. Take the recent story of Yasir Moore, a North Carolina (USA) teen, who was about to go into a Chick- fil-A (fast food) franchise, to apply for his first job. 372 more words

Scott Wolf

A Super Bowl Story & Recipe


Super Bowl weekend has held a special place in my heart since the year 2012. For those of you that may not remember, Indianapolis hosted the Super Bowl that year. 674 more words


Double Dragon (1994)

Believe it or not, this film has a lot in common with 1991’s “Hudson Hawk”. Okay, the cast is several orders of magnitude less famous, and it was a lot cheaper to produce; the similarity isn’t really their box office failure either. 758 more words


The Internet and Freedom of Speech

Today’s new “murky” arena for scams, terrorism, blackmail, and harassment.

Ah, the good old days when one could hire a lawyer and fight in a court of law, knowing who your opponent, accuser, or injured party actually was. 572 more words

Scott Wolf