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When the Scots will finally throw off the joke of British oppression, the fun the British made of the Scots for all these centuries will finally come to an end. 77 more words

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A Very Scottish Centurion

I’ve never managed to complete A Century in Books. For a start, I have gluts of books for certain years (post 2010 is particularly strong, perhaps something to do with the fact I’ve only been in well-ish paying jobs since then), but hardly anything from between 1850 and 1950, Hardy and Dickens excepted. 848 more words



That the Conservative Party are literally highway robbers. 22 more words


The Drunken Scotsman

If you’re a traveler, you’ve probably encountered a drunken Scotsman before. Except, you were probably in a pub or maybe out in broad daylight. My first encounter with a a drunken Scotsman? 794 more words


my in-depth analysis of the u.k. elections

heh. no, not really, but…right…here’s what i’ve got. u.k. electoral map on the left taken from here, via anatoly — genetic ancestry map on the right which appeared in… 873 more words

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4x100 To Compete at States

Scotland Track had a pretty average year this season. The boys 4×100 team has had an excellent season though. The team consists of Zamir White, Quadrin William, Robert McKoy, and Cedric Terry. 308 more words


Laughter the best medicine - A Scotsman, Englishman, Irishman and Welshman!

I think that I am well on the way to insulting most nationalities including from my mixed background.. still to find a little Viking humour but most of it seems to involve pillaging and other activities. 868 more words