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FWS for Scots and Gaelic writers

You may notice a few new pages appearing on the website! We are currently working with Federation members to add Scots and Gaelic pages/translations to the website and content will hopefully being to appear soon. 35 more words

Glasgow, Family, and the Coast

There are many unusual things about attending a seminar in your parents hometown – especially when your parents emigrated before you were born.

One of the weirder things centers on the intellectualizing of a culture – when it is the culture of your family. 228 more words

Private Property and Adam Ferguson's Civic Masculinity

On the 18 December 1745, at the height of the second Jacobite Rebellion, the First Highland Regiment, under the command of Lord John Murray, were treated to a sermon by their chaplain. 1,257 more words

76. (Robert Burns)

“Now Burns loses prodigiously by translation.” Thus Hopkins in a letter to Robert Bridges. Though prejudiced against the Scots, Hopkins expresses a fundamental doubt motivated by more than prejudice: whether dialect is intrinsic to Burns’ success, or whether it is a trapping of national pride and performance. 2,007 more words

Brief Essays

A Tale o Twa Leids: Gaelic, Scots an smoorin wi luve

Henrietta Mackintosh 

​It seems fowk hae been speakin aboot Scotland’s leids mair nor usual ower the past few weeks. Creative Scotland pit oot their Scots Leid Policie… 702 more words

Cheeky Bastard

David Starkey is a historian

he’s also a bit of a wind-up artist, if his latest utterings are anything to go by

at least, I think the bugger’s kidding !



Kelman, The Booker Prize & Langwidj

In 1994 a Scottish author – indeed, the only Scottish author to win the prize, and one of the few to be nominated – James Kelman, was awarded the Booker prize for his novel… 2,355 more words