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The Last Starfighter (Craig Safan)


Craig Safan, 2014, Intrada
22 tracks, 63:47

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, “The Last Starfighter” by Craig Safan has been re-released by Intrada. It claims to be the complete score and to have superior sound quality. 952 more words


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The Homesman (Marco Beltrami)


Marco Beltrami, 2014, Varese Sarabande
21 tracks, 45:34

I know I’m late to the game, as this score has been out for quite some time now. 1,269 more words


Critical reading for international students (aka. How to survive critical reading on SAT , If English is not your native language . )

So you are taking SAT, and you simply can’t make it to the +650 ,right?  I’ve been there. A lot of people have. Thousands and thousands of students all around the world are taking SAT , as a chance to study in USA, they have everything : A good mathematical background, a good reasoning sense, a lot of years studying english , but for some reason their Critical reading sucks. 674 more words


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Some exotic cars may be on the horizon, and you’ll definitely want to partake of their thrills. Consult Pasadena car sales specialists for your choice of hot wheels.”Many people want to drive fast and push themselves to the limit, which often entails going to the dealership to buy a car that has sleek lines and can fly off a standing start. 120 more words

Wii Sports Resort - Review Scoring Rubric

Gameplay: 8.8/10

Game-Mechanics: 8/10 | Game Modes: 9/10 | Characters: N/A | Overworld: 10/10 | Items/Power-Ups: N/A | Enemies/Bosses: N/A | Side-Quests: N/A | Challenges: 8/10… 81 more words