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Naming Ceremony Six

Oh no… my author has had a naming ceremony without me being present. The is the height of insult and the last straw. I shall be writing in the strongest possible terms to the pussy cats’ union. 312 more words

Chappie: The Implications of Man as Creator

Review by Logan

Hard as it is to believe, science fiction is cool now.  Whether we’re talking about Star Wars, Doctor Who, or the Alien franchise, I’m reminded of something I heard a fantasy author say earlier this year: “We (nerds) won the culture war.”  That’s opened up a new horizon for science fiction filmmakers, where it’s much easier to get a big budget and do your imaginative sci-fi film justice.   793 more words

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Every Terminator Ever On-Screen

There are so many different series and models in the Terminator Universe that it can be hard to keep track sometimes. We dug deep and picked out every Terminator series that has ever made a on-screen appearance.


Scrambling To Get It All In: The Last Day

Our last day in Spain finally arrived. We decided to get some breakfast and head down to La Rambla, a long mall that leads down to the harbor. 923 more words

K.D. Keenan

#JulySciFi | Thunder Gods: 3.

Today I post the third chapter of Thunder Gods, my original story inspired by Quintessential Doll’s song of the same name.


First, read the… 340 more words


#GAMING: Eight 4K Screenshots From The 'STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT' Alpha

A few lucky fans have been accepted for the Star Wars: Battlefront alpha and they are surely playing it right now. One user however, have grabbed eight screenshots in 4k resolution from the build. 41 more words


A Blast From the Past: TSR's Star Frontiers

I’ve never played Star Frontiers, but I’ve recently acquired the following. I can’t wait to dive in!