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Ship Elements D1: Corridor Construction Set

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Welcome to Sector D!

This first set of the D-Sector series will bring you a comprehensive set to assemble
corridor sets of any sort of way you can think of. 179 more words


Alida D. Butler

Angel of Death, an intriguing action/ sci-fi thriller series from yours truly, is now available from America Star Books and BH Publishers, respectively.

The series revolve around the gory, demented exploits of Akiko Tanaka, a beautiful, blue-haired femme fatale living in near-future Osaka. 138 more words

Alida D. Butler

My Name is Ava Williams

My name is Ava Williams, and I never wanted to break the law. I know my actions over the last six months seem to suggest otherwise, but you have to believe me. 321 more words


Drew Goddard es la primera opción para dirigir el reboot de "El Hombre Araña"

Al parecer, Marvel junto con Sony Pictures, quieren que la nueva aventura de “El Hombre Araña”, sea la mas grande que se haya hecho, ya que ambas han empezado a hacer las negociaciones para saber el nombre del director que, como sabemos, ya no contara con la participación de Andrew Garfield. 123 more words


Genres..So Very Many

Genre:: a particular type or category of literature or art.http://i.word.com/idictionary/genre

Now I that’s easy enough to understand, right? But as time rolls forward the plethora of sub-genres grows almost daily. 913 more words


Light Pillars Over Moscow

Erect and shining beacons,

Runs in the nylon sky,

This is how they get through: aliens.


They ride the metro in wolf skins,

Learning quickly… 59 more words