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'Living in the Shadow' or

‘Recruiting Drones on Patrol’

Sir, I’d like to give you something.

Sorry, I am not a prospect for you.

You have a personality. I’m offering you a free personality test. 16 more words


Video: Paul Haggis, Hollywood Hypocrite

I recently gave an on-camera interview about Paul Haggis to Freedom Magazine. Anyone interested can view it here.  Be sure to also check out the other interviews posted on that page where family members tell the true story of the apostates who participated in the fraudulent HBO “documentary” based on Lawrence Wright’s book.

Paul Haggis

UN Speech: The Acronym Conspiracy


JavaScript required to play un-robert-03.

Robert lays it all down about acronyms. 118 more words


10 TV Events to Look Out For in March

The good thing about March is that the snow on the ground is finally thawing and the temperatures are rising (slightly). The bad thing about March is that there’s still lousy Smarch weather and the outside is mostly just gross, gray slush. 717 more words


BRAND NEW Scientology Interview on "London Live"


London Live interviews the Director of Public Affairs of the London Church of Scientology – see what he has to say!

Brainwashing in 2377 - A Novel Excerpt

A few discussions on some of the Anti-Scientology message boards got me thinking again about the cult I created for the fictional world portrayed in my novels and short stories in the “Luninatia Orchid” series. 1,160 more words