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Doorway Syndrome and Every Day Life

This post on Scientific American is a fact of every day life for most of us.

We’ll get up from the computer or our latest craft project or television show, go into another room to do or get something, and between the time we stand up and move into the other room we’ll have completely forgotten exactly why we are in there in the first place. 291 more words


Nobel Laureate's Controversial Remarks Underscore the need for more Women in STEM

Late last week, Tim Hunt, a Nobel Laureate scientist, made international headlines after his sexist remarks regarding the “problem” with “girl” scientists went viral. He resigned from his post as honorary professor at the University College London late last week, the Guardian… 638 more words

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The true destructive force of your anxiety

If the emotion weren’t debilitating in its own right, new research suggests it can limit your capacity for empathy



This article was originally published by… 1,027 more words

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Meet the newest weird creatures

Thanks to the good people at Scientific American, one of my favorite news sources (as well as the oldest continuously operating magazine in the US), we’ve got some more strange Earth-based life forms to marvel over. 368 more words

LightSail Spacecraft Wakes Up Again, Deploys Solar Sail - Scientific American

LightSail Spacecraft Wakes Up Again, Deploys Solar Sail – Scientific American.


Please click link to view the complete story and photos.

Source:  http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/lightsail-spacecraft-wakes-up-again-deploys-solar-sail.  Accessed on 08 June 2015, 03:44 hrs, UTC. 215 more words

Highly Contagious, Antibiotic-Resistant Food Poisoning Establishes U.S. Presence

The kinds of bacteria that can cause food poisoning lurk all around us. These germs can be especially easy to pick up when traveling internationally as well as in places, such as children’s day cares, which are hard to keep clean. 134 more words


Using Assisted Reproduction to Save the Cheetah [Slide Show]

Researchers at the Smithsonian National Zoo Center for Species Survival in Front Royal, VA, and the Cheetah Conservation Fund are developing ways to rebuild cheetah populations using artificial insemination and embryo transfers… 67 more words