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Alzheimer’s Diagnostic Tests Inch Forward, but Treatments Are Still Lacking

Kathy Stack’s memory loss began with the little things: losing her wallet, taking a wrong turn, forgetting someone’s name. In 2013 at the age of 68, she visited her neurologist, who sent her to a memory loss specialist. 163 more words


Scientific American is derived from Christianity

The current Scientific American editor argues that creation has no place in science and has done nothing for the advancement of science. Yet he completely misses the irony that…

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Will Heavy Drinking Really Cause Forgetfulness...SCIAM

Will Heavy Drinking Really Cause Forgetfulness?


Charles F. Zorumski, head of the department of psychiatry at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, answers:

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Alarmism at Scientific American (again)

Scientific American is such an embarrassment.  It’s sad, because I used to like that magazine.

Once again they are shills for the global warming alarmists, scaring people with wildly exaggerated claims about sea level rise.  410 more words

Poachers Target Journalists Investigating Rhino Killing


A Mozambican poaching kingpin has two reporters arrested and threatened with torture and death.
February 23, 2015 By John R. Platt

John R. Platt covers the environment, technology, philanthropy, and more for Scientific American, Conservation, Lion, and other publications. 180 more words


From Scientific American: "Higgs Boson Could Explain Matter’s Dominance over Antimatter"

Scientific American

February 20, 2015
Clara Moskowitz

Computer simulation of particle tracks from an LHC collision that produced a Higgs boson.

The stars, the planets and you and I could just as easily be made of… 1,080 more words

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