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Tuesday Titters does Chemistry Cartoons

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Tuesday Titters

We are studying acids and bases, solubility constants, buffers, and all that fun related stuff. It is all very fascinating, and at the same time very, very frustrating. 22 more words

The (re) Education Of Ms Janie Jones

Just pretend it's Tuesday, here's a joke, or two, or three

Quantitative Chemical Analysis is how I am spending the first seven weeks of summer.  It’s like math camp for chemistry nerds.  It’s all about measuring chemical compounds and solutions to within insanely tight tolerances, and solving for the composition and concentration of unknowns using standardized chemicals. 85 more words

The (re) Education Of Ms Janie Jones

Thursday Quote Du Jour: Pucker up, Buttercup

Kiss me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right?

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I’m a scientist.  Dinosaurs as such are extinct.  According to the geologic record they vanished about 65 million years ago.

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Happy April Fool's Day

I don’t really enjoy pranks.  I’m too old, too tired, and I have just one straw left.  In my condition April Fool’s pranks take too much valuable effort to plan, and being on the receiving end could very well throw me into the whole Cameron Frye catatonia. 142 more words


Tuesday Titters: I love science, don't you?

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Now excuse me, I have to go count a few billion bacteria…