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Drat. It’s almost 5a.m. but I’m still on a post-talk high and have too much adrenaline coursing around to sleep.

So here are some really bad jokes: 463 more words


Tuesday titters: microscopic humor

Why did the bacteria cross the road?

To prove he wasn’t chicken?

Nah, he was just stuck to the chicken’s butt.


What do you call an amoeba that crosses the road, jumps in a mud puddle and crosses the road again?

A dirty double-crosser.


Hey Broadway (And Astronomy) Fans: Have A Chuckle At This Cute Comic

Art by Emily Morse

We just know you musical fans and theatre kids are dying for some silly humor to wash the disappointment of the new… 165 more words


Bad (science) cracker jokes

‘Tis the season for bad cracker jokes so I thought I’d share some sciencey ones. We have a dialogue board at work where people share their thoughts, lately though people seem to want to share science jokes. 92 more words


Tuesday Titters: This physics final will likely defy rhyme and reason

Today is the day.  My physics final begins at 7:30 am.  I am both petrified and relieved.  If I pass, I move on to physics 2 in the spring.  136 more words

The (re) Education Of Ms Janie Jones