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This is what happens when molten lava spills onto a block of ice

A team of interested people decided to film what happens when you pour molten lava over ice and the results may surprise you.

The lava instantly turns the ice surface into steam, which results in lava bubbles that these guys say looks like “scrambled eggs from hell.” 59 more words

Science And Nature

Snorkeler Gets Caught in Manta Ray Somersault

Researcher Josh Stewart of Manta Trust got a surprise whilst trying to capture a photo ID of a passing manta ray recently. 117 more words


A Moment of Stars

I have loved the stars too fondly
to be fearful of the night.
-Sarah Williams

All photographs are courtesy of NASA’s APOTD Archive.
Click on each of the photos to learn more about what you’re seeing.


No more banging on the end of the bottle- New bottles that nothing gets stuck to!

We have all been there – banging on the end of the ketchup bottle, or desperately squeezing a shampoo bottle until your hand begins to cramp up – just to get the last bits out of the bottle. 210 more words

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Credulous simpletons tricked into trawling through faeces

An American research group has managed to convince people unencumbered with weighty IQs that they should carefully sift their own poo, looking for particles of gold. 251 more words


Boeing granted patent for force field right out of "Star Wars"

From a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away to a technological application here and now?

Boeing has been granted a patent for a force field-style system to protect a target from explosion shockwaves, 40 more words

Science And Nature

Lazy sun 'workshy' says IDS

The sun has drawn considerable criticism from the Department for Work and Pensions, for its decision to take a bit of a breather this morning. 254 more words