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Notes on Literature / Quotes: Radio Sets, Steampunk

I have written before (here) about what I believe underlies the enduring pop-cultural fascination with the speculative/alternate-historical fiction genre known as Steampunk. My opinion in a nutshell is this: In a world where the technologies driving it are fast becoming intangible, Steampunk offers a playground for the imagination where the most advanced and outlandish of technological marvels are… 266 more words


What Do Night Vision Goggles, Swim Fins, & a Boat Rudder Have in Common?

These are all pieces of equipment that have been designed to solve human problems by mimicking animals in our natural world.  The children worked in pairs and were given a checklist of animals.   98 more words


Wandering vs. Focused Mind - Some Scientific Findings

News articles and books about meditation, mindfulness and other kinds, are not difficult to find these days. In this article some medical findings about the functioning of our brain while wandering, focused on one item, and during the process of bringing back a wandering mind to the item of focus are presented. 64 more words


TAO Buoy Service

We are currently just S. of the equator about 200 miles W. of the Galapagos Islands servicing a string of TAO Buoys ( stands for Ocean, atmosphere something, something).  61 more words

Maritime Related

Communication from the Future

Communication from the Future Discovered and Proven to be REAL!

By Robert Torres

Did you know that there was a study conducted to see if someone from the future was here present in our time? 769 more words


Tide Pools

All of these photos were taken at Shell Beach, CA.

Tide pools are very diverse ecosystems with a large number of plant and animal species. Diversity in these habitats can be comparable to diversity in rain forests. 115 more words