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Congrats Young Scientists, You Face The Worst Research Funding In 50 Years #NotReallyCongrats #FML

In the Huffington Post today, Francis Collins, head of the NIH, once again told us, congress, and the world, what we already  know: funding sucks, and it especially sucks for young scientists. 811 more words


#Science Quotable: NIH Director Francis Collins - US will relinquish its lead in biomedical science

Given international trends, the United States will relinquish its historical international lead in biomedical research in the next decade unless certain measures are undertaken.

This is the issue that wakes me up at night when I try to contemplate the future of where biomedical research can go in the United States.

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NASA's Dawn Spacecraft approaches dwarf planet Ceres - sends beautiful and surprising images!

Ceres rotates in this sped-up movie comprised of images taken by NASA’s Dawn mission during its approach to the dwarf planet. The images were taken on Feb. 122 more words


US says Iran far off from a working nuke, others differ

MONTREUX, Switzerland (AP) — One burning question in the global effort to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power is this: How long would it take for the Islamic Republic to build a bomb? 1,032 more words


The Missing Link Roundup

NASA’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, or NuSTAR, normally spends time probing black holes, supernova remnants, and other extreme objects in the far reaches of space. Recently we pointed it at our own sun and it has produced the most sensitive solar portrait ever taken in high-energy X-rays. 74 more words


Wooly Rhino Found! Barbers Clip Up!


I’ve come to bless you with more knowledge of yesteryear. Apparently, Pleistocene mammoths weren’t the only creatures in need of a shape-up.

Some Russian hunters found a 10,000 year old… 88 more words