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Control Someone Else's arm with Your brain

Is this science or magic? In this short and exciting TED talk Greg Gage demonstrates how to control the arm of someone with your brain. The control is real; the other person has no choice! 54 more words


Evil Twin's Downfall

So what if we have an evil twin, like in the movies? If he/she commits a murder, and DNA evidence is found in the crime scene, both you and your evil twin will be suspects, since you share the same genetic material. 404 more words


Human Mosquito Magnet

Genes Make Some People More Attractive to Mosquitoes

Certain body odors appear to entice the pesky bloodsuckers—and those smells may be hereditary

Are you a human mosquito magnet? 453 more words

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'Big question' in neuroscience may be answered after GPS-like brain mapping

Hebrew University and Harvard researchers have developed a method to map the circuitry of the brain with a “Neuronal Positioning System” (NPS) similar to how a Global Positioning System (GPS) triangulates our location on the planet. 407 more words

A New Study on GMO Maize

Even among the scientific community intelligent enough to be skeptical of the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis, I often come under fire for my lack of support of genetically-modified food.  82 more words


Science of Star Wars: Planets

One of the most exciting scientific discoveries of the last 20 years has been the identification of extra-solar planets (exoplanets).  We’ve identified thousands of planets around many stars.   811 more words

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ALARM: Scientists find huge magma reservoir in Yellowstone 'supervolcano' (+video)

Scientists find huge magma reservoir in Yellowstone ‘supervolcano’ (+video)

Beneath Yellowstone’s surface, seismologists at the University of Utah have discovered a huge reservoir of hot, partly molten rock – more evidence that Yellowstone with its earthquakes and geysers is a ‘supervolcano.’ 198 more words