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Sheri S. Tepper - Grass

The version of Grass I have is part of the Sci-fi Masterworks series by Gollancz which includes selected works from PKD, Asimov, Heinlein, Clarke etc. I picked it up from a charity shop for a couple of quid having been drawn to it by the distinctive yellow branding on the spine, not really knowing what to expect but trusting that it would be of similar quality to the works of those other great sci-fi writers in the series. 390 more words


TOMORROWLAND: An Optimistic Disappointment

Two years ago this August I participated in a scavenger hunt that began with a question: “Are you an optimist?”. To discover the answer, me and a group of 11 strangers throughout the Anaheim Convention Center eventually ending up at the Main Street Cinema in Disneyland. 1,230 more words


The Wishing Skull (Sci-Fi Indie Short Film)

A pretty cool short film that i came across earlier, you should check it out.

Story: “Kemp Steadman is surprised when a magic lantern, forged from a human skull, projects the image of a young woman onto his office wall.

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Between (CityTV/Netflix)

Between (CityTV/Netflix) – Starts 21st May

A mysterious plague hits the town of Pretty Lake that kills anyone over the age of 21 causing the town to be quarantined and studied from afar like a clone of… 80 more words

2015 Review

Supergirl (CBS)

Supergirl (CBS) – Starts TBA

A show that laughs in the face of backstory, Supergirl manages to get the viewers up to speed about her arrival on Earth and relationship to Superman within 5 minutes. 188 more words

2015 Review

Cosplay Corner: The Best of ACEN 2015 #Cosplay Pics Galore!

Anime Central, also known as ACEN was this last weekend and unfortunately I did not make it, but there several very talented photographers that were. I scoured the Internet for cosplay pictures and borrowed several pictures. 156 more words

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Movie Review: Interstellar

Incredible. I watched this movie a while back; my mom actually bought it. I was beyond pumped to finally watch it. However, a part of me was slightly uneasy because making a movie around a subject that is so complex I bet is extremely difficult to do. 148 more words