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This IS the Droid (Plane) You're Looking For! #StarWars #R2D2

Another unveiling at this year’s Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, CA are images of an R2-D2 painted plane from All Nippon Airways. The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner will see its first flight fall of 2015, just months ahead of the opening of… 69 more words


5 Amy - Hiding

The dumpster sat at the side of the building her mother had pointed toward.  With the boxes of empty bottles and lack of food garbage, Amy was pretty sure it was a bar where people spent their time drinking beer. 1,239 more words


The Force is Strong with this One! The Force Awakens!

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens has recently seen the release of it’s second trailer and it seemed the internet exploded like the proverbial Death Star! 664 more words


Chapter Four

On the roof of The Maxchell Compound the Sky-Sky carrying Adlan and Branria lowered it’s three point skids and landed as gentle as a whisper upon the ear. 678 more words


Chapter Three

“The Nation of Furmeze has always been the black sleep of the family.
Even as a fledgling state, trying to not get devoured by it’s stronger, brighter siblings, it attracted the dregs of society. 1,100 more words


Another Piece about star wars you've read a billion times.

So Unless you’ve been living under some Internet deprived rock you would have noticed ¬†another teaser for ‘Star Wars’ has been released and like ever other Film Fan I consider my thoughts so important that I must share them with you immediately. 252 more words