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'Transformers' Spinoffs, Sequels Find Writers

Paramount and Hasbro has set a group of scribes to join Akiva Goldsman in helping to develop the “Transformers” spinoffs and sequels the studios announced last spring. 140 more words


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So it looks like the new 'Transformers' spinoffs and sequels have found writers for the expanding universe. The success of the Marvel movies and Marvel's expanding universe companies are trying to use the same plan. Like most copies of a original ideas the copies are usually poor in comparison to the original. In the article below you can see that Paramount and Hasbro has hire some impressive writers in the hope to keep the Transformer brand going. The franchise is slowly dying but not if you look at the box office recites. Story wise I have to say the Transformers have become very weak. Maybe with the group of writers now on hand things can look up. Paramount had no comment but really does that is not happening, No.

Alt-TOS part 117

Not getting too much done but I did add some windows to the niply thing on the top.


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Alt-TOS part 116

I got more work done n the interior of this thing. Not bad so far.


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Alt-TOS part 115

Started to block in the interior for this part of the station.