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Simon Pegg befouls his nest

Love his movies and wit. Also amusing what he says here given he has co-writing credits in the next Star Trek movie. http://pjmedia.com/lifestyle/2015/05/20/nerds-nerd-simon-pegg-renounces-geekdom-rips-on-comic-book-films/

My own thoughts? 231 more words


Dr.Chris Record Spotlight

Once a week or month I will spot light a record from my collection.
Tonight we spotlight the ALIEN soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmithx composed by Lional Newman. 60 more words


The Elixir of Life

Wow.  I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I’ve actually written anything.  Just goes to show you how quickly time flies when you aren’t paying any attention to it…and maybe should. 673 more words

Science Fiction

The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (2015) Trailer review

The YA adult genre really seems to have taken off since Twilight became a massive hit. Since then we have film adaptations of YA novels, famously, The Hunger Games, The Divergent Series and now The Maze Runner. 306 more words


UMP Review - Avengers: Age of Ultron

Thor’s hammer is smashing and bashing, Iron Man’s quick-witted comments are coming from all directions like spraying bullets, Hulk’s green muscles are rippled twice as much as they used to, Captain America’s shield is tossed to literally cut the enemies in half – Joss Whedon must have had a lot of fun working on new “Avengers”. 546 more words


Silo Farm.....the project begins.

So, it would appear that I’ve started on my most ambitious environment project to date….just kind of felt the need to do this one.

Up until now, when I’ve had an idea for a level, I’d think about it for a bit  – and then just have at it in 3-D straight away. 647 more words




In the year 3621AD the inhabitants of Earth discovered and made contact with life outside of their own solar system. They found that not only was the universe… 194 more words

Space Exploration