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It's About Who's Waiting For Us in the End.

Come with me back to a high school track meet. It happened two weeks ago. I sat in the stands watching my teenage daughter and hundreds of other high-schoolers, all vying for their own personal records, hoping to beat out all the other competitors. 607 more words


hello. šŸ’€šŸ‘‹

If you’ve been reading my previous posts you know that if I have a problem I like to talk about it on the Internet. It may or may not be a good decision but it doesn’t matter to me if random people read my thoughts and other private stuff. 516 more words


woefully illiterate in zombie survival


Me: I took an archery lesson and I wasn’t even pathetic

Daughter:The archery will help you during the zombie apocalypse

Me: What, you can double kill dead people? 551 more words


While We're In The Mood...

In the car on the way to the gym, me and my big sister got talking. At first it was just casually about exams and just doing my best, but then it turned a bit into the actual logic behind school. 1,374 more words

Emotional Realisations

My husband and I are at the stage where we watch our son in awe…..most of the time. Oh there’s the ups and downs of immaturity and theĀ  aggrava… 1,018 more words


March in review: We are running with this diary thing

It is the final day of March and I’m a bit dazed. It has been pretty non-stop, and April promises little chance of recovery as I head off to Kent on Friday to begin my steward work for Snowbombing festival – by the end of the week I will be in Mayrhofen, Austria, working 8 hours a day into the early hours of the morning, then hitting the slopes with my free ski pass. 1,046 more words

Gap Year

Achievement Gap Closing? Graduation Rates Among Blacks & Hispanics On The Rise

According to new data from the Department of Education, graduationĀ rates for Black and Hispanic students increased by nearly four percentageĀ points from 2011 to 2013, outpacing growth for all students in theĀ nation. 475 more words

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