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The Victim of Education

قہر پر آزار جس سے میں گزر رہا ہوں
علم کی شمع کا دستخوش بن رہا ہوں

کتاب ہے زدہ، قلم شمشیر دانشاں لیکن
کفر اور عصیاں کا مجرم بن رہا ہوں


Let's Talk Long Term

It is easy to talk about the “To Do” list for the week or the month. It becomes much more difficult to plan for a year or more in advance. 693 more words


New beginnings

My first Instagram post on the atroxvisions account (links in about section) pretty much sums up my life right about now.  It is a self harm image.   165 more words


Sleep well

A helpful video that my sister shared with me. I thought that you might learn something from the video.

When in Rome...

Good evening my friends. This is Markus coming at you with another post, but this time a little different. It’s not a movie review, series review, “My Favorite Scenes” or “Recent Purchases”, this is just a regular sort of blog post. 283 more words


What motivates us to study abroad?

A couple of weeks ago, I was thinking about the reason why I came to the U.S to study, and by talking with my international friends I discovered that there are some motivations that we all share. 455 more words


Furry Creature

So I just got back my results for the emotionally-, mentally- and physically-draining exams that I’d complained about mentioned in my previous posts, and I’m really darned happy with them! 699 more words