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When Everything That Could Go Wrong, Goes Wrong 

I feel like today has been the ultimate bad day in terms of all these normally un-noticeable little things that you would only acknowledge if they actually went wrong, did go wrong. 407 more words


Aliens.. Dinosaurs.. fallin' from d sky.. My Brain's So Creative.

I’ve got a little problem with my detoxing, my body rises in rebellion……….. like an addict, we’ve got the sweating, headache, heavyness, tiredness, soreness, muscleache….. I had to eat something cause I don’t have time for thissssss, I have a debate article to write, a novel analysis and a speech to do this week.. 131 more words


Petrified Wood Shavings and Strait Jackets...

If you need me I’ve decided to take up whittling tiny animals out of Ivory soap whilst wearing a strait jacket and sipping denture-cream-flavored icees.  It’s a fascinating life soon to be portrayed on my new TLC reality show… Whittling Denture Jackets.   558 more words



Now that all I have left is finals this Thursday and Friday, I have already grew bored with my time off.  How on earth will I kill time before Ivy arrives? 126 more words

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That Awkward Moment When...

That awkward moment when it’s dead week, you’re really stressed, you want to write a blog post to get that stress out and reflect on things, and then your computer hard drive dies and you can’t write said blog post and are computer-less during the most important week of the semester. 267 more words


Do you have time for everything you want to do?

One issue I’ve come across since starting high school is having to sacrifice some extracurriculars in favor of others. For instance, this fall I wasn’t able to audition for my school’s fall play because rehearsals were every day after school, which is when my school’s soccer team had our practices. 121 more words


Back To University | 'Exam Season'

Hello Beauties,

Today I’m back at uni after such a relaxing Easter break. I never usually enjoy Easter holiday because it’s a month off and always so busy with all of the celebrations and visiting various family members while trying to relax plus revise on top of that, but this time I actually really had ball. 187 more words