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Quickie: Hotbar (Style 1, more styles will be later.)

Before I begin, just to let you know, due to me having been short on ideas lately, and considering that I have ended up posting after 5:00 PM instead at least three times now, I may decide to only post on every other day at 5:00 PM, as opposed to doing so every single day at that same time, so don’t be surprised if there is no post tomorrow. 139 more words


Redstone in action in MF (MeaFabrica), Part 1

It’s extremely likely you have heard of an Item known as Redstone in the original Minecraft, which allowed for “circuitry,” such as flashing lights, a musical doorbell, and even a fully working game such as Zombie Siege in that game. 271 more words


Quickie: Block Jointing Mechanics

Since a good number of you may have been wanting to see how blocks are “jointed,” here they are; the BJMs. (Read the title from the second word from the left above if you missed what that meant.) 244 more words


TNNA and me

In about a week, I’ll be sharing what I know about creating color charts and schematics in Adobe Illustrator at TNNA in Columbus, OH. While it feels odd preparing a class without sticks and string in my hands, it’s also been exciting since I love playing with software too! 329 more words


Leaked Schematics shows rumoured XPERIA P2 – said to be the other Sony flagship

STJSGadgets has spotted schematics of the yet to be announced XPERIA P2 on a Chinese website. The smartphone is said to be the other flagship by Sony to be launched to the rest of the world, as the XPERIA Z4 is s Japanese-exclusive. 124 more words

Basic Mud House (Form 1) [Generated structure OR "User-built"]

This time around, I will be showing you something that you might find in your MCR (Minecraft Rebirth) world as a “naturally” generated structure, or something that would be, more often than not, your first “permanent” shelter, to far better avoid being provoked by monsters and increasing your chance of surviving your “first” nights. 174 more words