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DIY - Candle Wax For Your Scentsy

I hate when I get down to the end of the wicks of my candles but their is still wax left to burn. So, I get the wax out and burn it in my wax burner. 129 more words


Friday Favorites

Hello everyone! Well, it is Friday, and you know what that means…Friday Favorites!

I have some good ones this week so let’s get to it… 217 more words


Day 85: Silver and Clouds

When I was little, there was this game I used to play. It was totally the most fun, most awesome, most British video game I’ve ever played. 668 more words

Tricks And Tools

My review of the Scentsy Coconut Flower Spring scent bar.

My review of the Scentsy Coconut Flower Spring scent bar.

The scent of the day is Coconut Flower. I LOVE IT! I usually cannot warm anything floral that Scentsy puts out, but Coconut Flower is an exception. 40 more words

Coconut Flower

Breathe easy on Earth Day

I immediately felt the change in air quality in our home when we went from scented candles to Scentsy Warmers. The air was no longer full of smoke and unknown toxins that I had either turned a deaf ear to, or, honestly didn’t know were threats. 95 more words


Contacting Self Pampering

Independent Consultant Tiria Morris

7B Bradley Place

Nawton 3200


Phone : 07 8465470

Email: tiriamorris@gmail.com

Party time!

Poor Jeremy. Zie absolutely loves parties but has an introvert for a mother so parties don’t happen nearly often enough for zir liking. Then I got an invitation to a… 621 more words