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Hump Day!

Its Wednesday. Hump Day, as my husband likes to say in a really manly, obnoxious tone. Haha. This post really isn’t about anything, probably just a bunch of rambling because I was disappointed when I realized that it has been a REEEEAAAALLLLY long time since I last posted. 353 more words

Hello world!

So this is my first ever blog post! How exciting.

So just an introduction I am an independent Scentsy Consultant and I truly do love the product which is why I sell it. 342 more words


Last Weekend: The Sale

It was an eventful weekend at the Yeoman house! Mine was slightly extended since I stayed home from work Monday. I am battling some kind of hybrid cold/allergy/I don’t really know what the hell it is type of sickness, but more on that later. 912 more words

Family Fun

Scentsy, what are we?

Well, where do I begin? Decisions decisions, here goes. We are sellers of fragrances for body, home, bath and, well, pretty much everywhere!

What Scentsy is, is a safe, flameless, wickless alternative to scented candles, and so very much more! 163 more words


There's no such thing as an ice day with toddlers...

Today in Texas is what we dub an “ice day”.  It means that the entire state, specifically for me the DFW metromess shuts down.  Schools close, businesses close, doctor’s offices close, bridges close… we don’t do cold precipitation here. 435 more words

Day 53

I went to work from 9:30 – 6:30 and it was, once again, another productive day. Only tomorrow and the next day and then 2 days off! 104 more words

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