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Thoughts what are they

What are thoughts? How are thoughts formed in our mind. Some times new  thoughts come, and some time same thoughts keep circling in our mind like water circling the drain sink and finally sinking into the darkness of our mind, just like the water flows into the drain, not knowing where it flows after.

We're off the map now and here be monsters

Therapy is starting to get a very intense in places and my subconscious is pulling out all the stops to not have to go “there”. On Sunday it was my “people pleaser” where I learnt just how important my new principals are. 410 more words


Thought DUELS

“Here’s to Life & Friendship. Love, You!”

Chant. Help. Protect. Words. Thoughts have power! Like knives- swords. Only knives are kind of useless without a wielder- a user- so thoughts…wielded by you, make you your own challenger- your own dueler- thrust, parry, attack- roll- knock down! 195 more words

Scary Thoughts

I don’t know what is scarier. The thought that I will never stop loving you, or the thought that maybe someday I will.


The power of light

I haven’t blogged about the last session but I will do so before the next session, mainly because I’ve been poorly and not felt up to it but now I need to write, I have to. 303 more words

Finding Happiness