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The First Tentative Steps...

I have often thought about the direction I want my life to take – on a professional level. I have trodden many a path before and don’t regret any of them, for they have taught me many of life’s lessons, not only lessons about myself but others whom have crossed my path. 614 more words



Image by Christine Renney

Wandering around a small Fenland village we came across some scarecrows which had come first, second and third in the annual scarecrow competition. 13 more words


Ah..the darkness ( 2 )

She found herself inside the house. Stirring in a pot containig a substance she had coocked. She wasn’t sure as to what the dish was and what she had put in there. 887 more words


Ah..the darkness (1)

She was trying to keep working. Trying to block the world around her from all her senses. But that noise…that noise was driving her crazy. She could keep pretending that she could’nt hear a thing. 916 more words


0_0 Why did I draw this...

Hello~ I was sketching with some cute thoughts in my mind like, hey maybe I’ll try to grasp my own chibi technique but while I was sketching and fooling around I came up with this instead… 29 more words

Care For A Scare?

I went internet shopping yesterday and paid extra for delivery today (damn I really want that top!) and so I am expecting my clothes to be delivered at some point this morning. 367 more words


Doll makeup chart 

Here is my makeup and hair chart for my doll themed shoot.