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Thunder Buddy

The Thunder crackles through the trees, oh I wish I had someone with me

To guide me through this dark and ire night

The sound of loudness fills my ears as I hear the whispers near… 41 more words



A few days ago I moved into my apartment. This is the first time I have lived away from home in any capacity. And it is scary. 106 more words


Egyptian Prankster Plays Terrifying Mid-Air Joke On Paris Hilton

If you are a big fan of Paris Hilton, then you may or may not like what happened to her.  Paris was the victim of a mid-air prank by an Egyptian TV star.  86 more words


A Very Dark Night

I have realised over the last few days how bad my vision is, in particular my night vision and I am finding it quite distressing. 360 more words


Write it Out.

Why is it so hard to find clarity amidst the confusion? Maybe i’m a hopeless pessimistic, lost in a world full of optimists.

It’s hard to push yourself, when life pushes back. 91 more words

Life Lessons

Court Anxiety

I’m just having a really funky day.

My hubby was sick this morning (and all this weekend) and that takes it toll on me as well as him and the boys and there’s nothing I can do to make the side effects of the radiation go away. 367 more words

Sexual Abuse

why I hate autism for the first time today!

Normally I find autism is many things, quirky, difficult at times, fascinating, even funny (in our own little ways) but I always feel we have been one of the luckier ones, Harry can talk, walk, has a sense of humour and often seems like an average little lad, enjoys things we do and can join in with lots of our normal activities and with a bit of adjustment he copes well. 540 more words

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