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To the crowd, she spoke

I despise speaking in front of crowds.

I usually have the same symptoms that most people who do not like public speaking have such as sweaty palms, shaky hands, wobbly legs, shaky voice and all that. 279 more words


Teaching: To Protect and Serve.

Every single day of the last two months that I have been on campus and working has been a testament to the fact that I have truly found the place that I need to be in regards to work. 587 more words

In Denial; In Love

I can’t like you the way I think I like you now.

I can’t like you the way I think I like you now because you’re a nice guy and this all seems like the plot of a YA novel except I’m not as pretty as most heroines in most YA novels are and I’m neither a manic pixie dream girl nor a damn sexy siren. 632 more words


As of Late

The soundtrack: Moon Safari by Air.

The setting: In bed with my husband…and cat. They’re sleeping as I furtively type this.

I’ve been so hell-bent on making this blog work that I’ve totally lost my own voice. 133 more words

Dashboard Confessional

Sometimes I Worry (The Insecure Girlfriend)

Sometimes I worry, that one day you’ll wake up and not love me as much as you did the day before. Sometimes I worry that after an argument, after something I say, you won’t look at me the same way , with the same loving eyes as you did the day before. 303 more words


Fitness Friday

Hey guys! Just sitting here with Tom before our car picks us up and whisks us away to the hotel – we fly out for Disney World tomorrow. 255 more words

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