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Sip my wit like lemonade,
Kiss between my shoulder blades, 
Can you even remember my name?
Skitter, sicker, savage, sad, 
Pop a pill don’t feel so bad,
You say I can do anything,
Yet you’ve never seen my eyes glow like coal,
I am Skaði and I will always be cold,
And I have broken more boys easy as shattering glass,
Cut palms and no class,
I am contagious,
My tongue is forked and poisonous,
So roll up roll up,
Watch me make everything worse,
Watch me spit and snap and talk in curse,
But don’t get too close because without any doubt,
Being near me will rot you,
Both inside and out.

How Do You Make Friends ?

This is going to sound a bit sad but I only have one friend. Now my friend and I very close however I can get pretty lonely. 76 more words

The "F" word

Approximately 4 years ago my sister was completing her matric year , the same position in which I find myself in now . Through out the year she came up with her very own “F” word whereby the use of it would result in disastrous consequences . 360 more words

Proud Sister

Yesterday my brother marched with his JROTC class in the Easter parade. I’m very proud of him!

When we were younger we never got along. We drove our parents… 71 more words


Beating the bullies 

I have being bullied in the past and this is my opinion on how to beat the bullies

I was bullied over sport once because I wasn’t as good as the other girls on my team and they tried to tell me to give up playing that I was wasting my time and then because I was attending another teams matches because my family played for them… 721 more words

Why I'm scared

Dear bunch of boys on the train.
I wanted to write you to let you know that I’m scared of you. By the looks of you, you’re around 18, and I heard you shouting about buying drinks. 376 more words

Why breathing isn't an option 

In other words, Ambivalence Girl that resistance is just your body trying its best to protect you. The work is just to acknowledge and honor the resistance with kindness rather than battle and judge it, and slowly leaning into it anyways, as best you can.

279 more words