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nail biter

I bite my nails because I’m nervous.

I bite my nails because I’m worried she’ll find out.

I bite my nails because I’m terrified anyone will find out. 25 more words


Stop Giving Fear A Place In Your Life

Define Fear. “an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm” (https://www.google.co.uk/?gfe_rd=cr&ei=84hoVZuQOcmq8wfc8YDADw&gws_rd=ssl#q=define+fear).

Majority of people fear something, whether it’s spiders, the dark, relationships, or water. 459 more words



Something is off.

Just a bit.
Just enough.
Just too much.

I can’t say.
I won’t say.

It will pass.
Give it time. 8 more words

Inner Musings

Hide and Seek

This blog was becoming somewhat of a diary to me. I would get excited when I saw the number of readers increase or a comment notification. 421 more words


The thing is, I show that I’m uninterested in the one that I love.

I absolutely hate these feelings, and I’m pushing them far, far away so they could hopefully go away. 26 more words

A Sliding Scale

A deep rumbling dissatisfaction stirs inside. Most of the time it’s ignored, repressed, forgotten. But whenever I pause momentarily and take a glance at my life, I feel like I am going nowhere. 656 more words

I crave to be held, touched,
loved, wanted. So I push you
away because I want it far
too much.

That little, needy
child inside of me with…

140 more words