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Scarred for life

What’s the story behind one of your scars?

My scar

Last night I was chatting with my flatmate and he said he hadn’t read the blog post I wrote about our trip to London and that he would read it right then so he wouldn’t forget. 499 more words

More comments 👉🏾@hiddenhand1776 👈🏾👣 #hiddenhand1776 #hh1776 #2ndamendment #BlackLivesMatter #hueypnewtongunclub #KeepAndBear #shtf #wrol #ebony #HHbr76 The Basics *You need Primary and Secondary Weapons *Your #PrimaryWeapon is a Battlerifle *Your #SecondaryWeapon is a side arm #Battlerifle *Must be a battle tested semi automatic platform with a removable 30 round magazine that means AR15 (#M4), AK47/74, M1a, SCAR or G3 *If you own or have trained with a #M1, #SCAR, or #G3 you probably won't get much from this post. *If you don't have an established preferences for one of the rifles above, I want to discourage you from owning and training with them as your primary weapons IF you live in the United States. They are much heavier than AR's and AK's *I will also discourage you from using an #AR10 (it's heavy and unreliable) as well as any bullpup platform (#weapon with the #magazine behind the #trigger, closer to your body) *That leaves two rifles to choose from the #AR15 and #AK47 AR15 Pros: *Versatility - this platform is the most customizable you may reliably configure an AR for close quarters combat or to be accurate out to 600 yards or more *Light weight - if you don't go overboard on accessories you can keep the weight under 7 lbs *Lots of parts - many U.S. companies manufacturer replacement parts so it's easy to fix it if you break something or lose something while cleaning or assembling *Ammo - 5.56x45 is a standard NATO round so you can find it in any NATO country, it is a flatter shooting round beyond 200 yds vs 7.62x39 (AK rounds), each round is smaller and lighter than the AK rounds so you can carry more ammo with an AR15 (all things being equal) AK47 Pros: *Reliability - the AK will always fire... it will almost never jam or misfeed especially if you run steel magazines, by comparison the #AR likes to be very well lubricated at all times, in the field lubricants can cause more debris to stick in and to the rifle leading to malfunction. The #AK has a reputation for being a weapon you can literally bury in the mud for a year, dig it out and #gotowar. *Popularity - you can find ammo all over the world surplus Russian army ammo is very cheap *Pric

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This monster its inside, Slowly fueled by my soul as it slowly dies

The beast says no more it takes control, I wasn’t careful it takes my soul… 31 more words

Her liver is outside her body

Today I found myself doing a strange thing.

Every Tuesday I go to a baby and mommy barre class. It has been really great for me to get out of the house and exercise instead of going to a doctor’s appointment. 492 more words

Ten Things About Me...

  1. I am Originally from Southern California
  2. I’m 37 years old.
  3. I’m a  lefty.
  4. Everyone has called me Noni since I was a week old, except my uncle, he calls me Spud.
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Through With it

Those beautiful lifeless lips

Were now dried to the tips

She didn’t know what to say

To stop him from walking away

She loved him and wanted him to stay… 155 more words