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Wanted: Zamboni

So – our driveway is really a parking lot (the house was built in front of a long gone landscaping business, but the parking lot remains).  73 more words


Of smiles, cicatrices and closing eyelids

Hellos and goodbyes are part of life, but what happens when their frequency is higher than the average human’s? You try your best not to go… 649 more words

She Wore Ribbons In Her Hair

Only a fortnight ago she wore ribbons in her hair
Only a fortnight ago she was free to run across the mountains
Never really understanding the opportunities before her… 87 more words

Aleo Vera a miracle plant 

You may know this plant, yep! It’s Aleo Vera. Some people know how useful it is, some know nothing about it. I’m writing this article because i want to share what I learn from it and the benefits we can get from this plant. 614 more words

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#LoveMe Challenge... A Whole Lotta Missed Days

So listen…

I kinda knew this would happen! It quite frequently does. I meant well. This ‘Learn to Love You’ blog/writing challenge had my name written all over it. 453 more words



I wanted a scar
in the shape of your mouth
And a box
the size of your heart