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Warmer weather means more exposed skin

The weather is heating up here in Austin. Aside from the fact that I need to figure out where the heck my summer clothes are stored in my closet, I need to remember to also put sunscreen on areas that haven’t been exposed to the sun in a long time. 263 more words

Skin Cancer

My hair transplant experience

It was Sunday night this week, and for some reason I was feeling more emotional than usual about my hair transplant. I cried for a little while, feeling sad about the fact that I have a scar across the back of my head. 591 more words

Wanna know how [whale sharks] got these scars?

This week’s topic: Nekton

Paper: Speed, C. W., Meekan, M. G., Rowat, D., Pierce, S. J., Marshall, A. D., & Bradshaw, C. J. A. (2008). Scarring patterns and relative mortality rates of Indian Ocean whale sharks. 709 more words


REAL STEEL from FNH America! - 2015 New Products - on YouTube

HOT OFF THE YOUTUBES…the official vid from FNH USA on their lineup of CIVILIAN guns for 2015!

“FN America, LLC is proud to announce the launch of seven new products under the FNH USA brand for 2015, including compact variants of its popular FNS™ striker-fired pistol and additions to its FN 15™ modern sporting rifle line. 20 more words


Name: Maharddikha

Callsign: “D”

Occupation: Student

Team: “Mau nya sih MARS…”

Weapon of choice: JG Bar10 / WE SCAR L


Getting Close

Hi all:

Getting close to the end of this little story.  Hope you enjoy this chapter.  The content won’t really be a surprise   –  considering I’ve had the banner for a looong time now. 14 more words


Name: Betta

Callsign: –

Occupation: Contractor

Team: MARS

Weapon of choice: WE SCAR L / KJW P229